Oscar doll? Barbie chances for the following prizes

As we already know well Barbie is the inevitable mainstream mass culture phenomenon of summer 2023 and may well be destined to establish itself as the year’s most watched movie event. The receipts tell us so, one billion dollars in just two weeks, with the prospect of overtaking it. Super Mario Bros. – Movie (currently one billion three hundred and fifty million); tell us unstoppable word of mouth and a viral effect worthy of a marketing anthology; and even the music charts tell us that, which highlight the film’s soundtrack and its main songs, entrusted to pop stars such as Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa. And in the face of success of this magnitude, it seems inevitable that “Barbie fever” will shift (at least in part) to Oscar…but to what extent?

Barbie and Oscar: inevitable love?

Barbie Ufrwxkq

Barbie: Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie.

On paper, at least until a few weeks ago, Barbie it certainly didn’t sound like a canonical “award winning title”: both because of the “commercial” nature of the operation (this is a simplification, but it gives an idea), and because of the light and playful tone of the film, which seemed not to be taken too seriously. The only clue to the contrary: the presence of Greta Gerwig at the helm of the project, assisted in writing by partner Noah Baumbach. Two highly acclaimed authors who have received the “Academic Kiss” of an Oscar in recent years (Gerwig with Lady Bird AND Small womanBaumbach with History of one marriage). The film then hit theaters to near-unanimous critical acclaim (aggregator Metacritics reports a score of 80/100), has moved a broad and cross-cutting audience and sparks reflection and debate related to her feminist message and the way she paints so-called gender roles in modern society.

barbie movie

Barbie: the image of Margot Robbie

In this regard, it should be remembered that the Oscars have always been in many ways a “people’s” award, albeit entrusted to the court of insiders, and that academics are unlikely to have ignored films met with collective enthusiasm. There are examples? Last year’s Best Picture nomination included such blockbusters as Top Shooter – Maverick, Avatar – Path of Water AND Black Panther – Wakanda Forever; while even lukewarm reviews and languid artistic merit have not slowed down the blockbuster plebiscite Bohemian Rhapsodyawarded with four statuettes at the 2018 Oscars. So, without the necessary prerequisites, let’s proceed with the analysis – albeit seven months before the ceremony – Barbie’s chance at the next Oscars.

Barbie, editorial opinion

Choice Movie: Armored Nomination?

barbie robbie

Barbie close-up of Margot Robbie

In light of what has just been written, and given that the category includes a total of ten titles, we can almost certainly assume that Barbie will be among the contenders for the Oscars. best movie of 2023. It has everything to consider: stratospheric collections, great reviews, backing from big companies like Warner Bros, big questions, and central to the media debate; while the hypothesis of his omission would mean a sensational own goal for the Academy (as happened in due time with The Dark Knightleading to an increase in Best Picture nominations). Another very likely nomination is for the screenplay (presumably original): the liveliness and poignancy of the dialogue are some of the film’s strongest points, not to mention that the Greta Gerwig/Noah Baumbach pairing has already collected two nominations in this category.

Stage design and costumes: two mortgage categories

Barbie Margot Robbie Ryan Gosling

Barbie: Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie.

But the destination is getting closer, because Barbiefor Best Production Design: Barbieland’s revamp received considerable attention, and it seems incredible that the Academy has been unmoved by the superb work of Sarah Greenwood and Cathy Spencer, a pair of production designers who each received six nominations in their respective fields. summary. Greenwood and Spencer could even qualify for the statuette, although much will depend on competition from Dunes – part two. In terms of nominations, Jacqueline Durran’s costumes also stand a good chance: in general, the Academy tends to favor period costumes over modern ones, but the importance of clothing in the narrative frame and the prestige enjoyed by Durran (eight nominations and two Oscars, including figurine for Small woman Gerwig) should be more than enough.

From Frances Ha to Barbie, or how we fell in love with Greta Gerwig

He’s Kenow: Everyone’s Crazy About Ryan Gosling

barbie ken

Barbie close-up of Ryan Gosling

And it’s enough thatI’m Kenow become something of a summer catchphrase, symbolizes the influence of Ken’s character: a character who has repeatedly allowed Ryan Gosling to outshine everyone by testing himself, among other things, in a clearly atypical role for him. Defined several times as most valuable player In short, Ryan Gosling is a more than likely candidate for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, a category in which comic roles take up much more space than leading actors (instead of which dramatic interpretations are favored). Summarizing, Barbie he had to lay down, despite the very large advance, five fairly sure nominations: best film, supporting actor, screenplay, set design and costumes. But from now on, the score can easily increase…

Margot Robbie: Stereotypical Barbie to be Oscar Barbie?

First look at Barbie

Barbie: the image of Margot Robbie

If Ryan Gosling can already boast of the title of the favorite of the first hour, then it is more difficult for his partner. Margot Robbie. On the one hand, it is strange to think that a great success Barbie at the Oscars, you can ignore the nomination of an actress who gives body and soul to the main character, starting with a more stylized game – in accordance with the essence of the doll for the character – to then add elements of naturalism; on the other hand, as already noted, this type of performance rarely finds a place in the five intended for the main characters. Margot Robbie, two-time Oscar nominee (for Tonya AND Bomb) may still be in the top five, but much will depend on the number and scope of other female roles slated for the award, from Sandra Huller and Greta Lee backed by festival-goers praise to upcoming biopics starring the likes of Annette Bening, Carey Mulligan and Kate Winslet. To sum it up: Robbie’s nomination is possible, but far from a given.

Barbie: Margot Robbie, the “doll” who turned out to be the exact opposite

Other categories, from directing to songs

Greta Gerwig

Pictured Greta Gerwig

Another weight category, obviously for the best director, in which Greta Gerwig she was already included in the 2017 Oscars for Lady Bird. It is possible that Gerwig could be nominated again, but it seems to us that this will not happen: department of directors The Academy is characterized by more sophisticated and “authorial” tendencies, and at the moment the forecast is that Barbie will not appear in this top five. Equally weak are the quotes for music, photography (although they boast a director like Rodrigo Prieto), editing and sound, while some chances may lie in makeup and hair. However, along with the already budgeted nominations in which the film could further boost its tally to six or seven nominations, overall it is in the best song category where it is spoiled for choice. I bet we’re focusing on Billie Eilish’s delicate ballad for now. What was I made for?, which accompanies Barbie’s awakening and sounds like the perfect “Oscar song”; unless he becomes a victim of “internal” competition, yes dance the night as advertised by Dua Lipa i’m just kensung by Gosling as an apology for his upset doll.

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