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Nyad hit screens this week at the BFI London Film Festival, where the sports biopic treated moviegoers to a pair of stunning performances from Annette Bening And Jodie Foster. The Netflix film, due out October 20, stars Bening in the title role. Diana Nyad and Foster is her best friend and coach. Bonnie Stoll. The film depicts Nyad’s attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida when she was in her sixties. This charming, enjoyable film keeps you on the edge of your seat, but the real highlights are Bening and Foster, who have an easy rapport that suggests they could be friends off-screen too.

Foster, in particular, gets an important supporting role. Her Bonnie is tough but loving, smart but understanding, and has a strength and charm that characterizes the entire film. This is especially important because in the last third of the film, Beninga’s Nyad spends most of the time swimming rather than talking. So Foster has to place the film in this segment – and she definitely will.

Peter Debruge (Variety) noted, “Foster projects a cheerful presence—like the human equivalent of those adorable pink floaties kids wear at the pool. Without her, the film would have failed. And Diana Nyad too. She wouldn’t dream of sailing Cuba-Florida without Bonnie, so she uses her cunning psychology to convince her buddy to become a coach… It’s Foster’s beaming smile that leaves the biggest impression. There’s a scene where she sits and encourages Diana by giving a pep talk about their dreams, and all you can think about is what a megawatt screen presence Foster has and how she really should make more films.”

Benjamin Lee (The Guardian) noted: “It is Foster who steals the film, perfectly evocative of her easy charisma. We haven’t seen much of the actress in the last decade, and before she makes her debut in True Detective (seemingly the perfect combination of actor and material), Nyad allows her to be a real person for once – a test that not many films have stars achieve. success. The pair have the chemistry of old friends and when they are together on screen and on land, Nyad is simply brilliant.”

Richard Lawson (Vanity Fair) commented: “Bening gets tremendous support from Jodie Foster, an extremely attractive actress who doesn’t work very often these days… Foster practically flies away with the film. This is because we spend so much exciting time with her, and Bonnie worries and encourages Nyad, who is lost and detached in her mad quest for greatness. Bonnie is our trusted figure, and Foster’s charming performance wins us over to her side.”

The critical support could be an indicator that Foster could be in the running for best supporting actress this year, a category that seems the most open and uncertain of the four acting categories. Currently our predicted candidates in this category Da’Vine Joy Randolph (“Remains”) Emily Blunt (“Oppenheimer”) Daniel Brooks (“The color purple”), Taraji P. Henson (“The color purple”) and Julianne Moore (“May December”).

Foster is in sixth place, hot on the heels of not only Moore, but all five of our current projected candidates. This category seems so open that any of these women who put in great performances could be nominated, win, or be eliminated entirely. This could be good news for Foster, who potentially has the meatiest role of the six contenders.

Randolph gives a charming performance in The Leftovers, but the role is somewhat minor compared to her competitors. Meanwhile, Blunt has plenty of typical Oscar moments as Kitty Oppenheimer, but voters may want to reward the film through the director. Christopher Nolanleading actor Cillian Murphyor supporting actor Robert Downey Jr. Brooks and Henson will play roles for which they were nominated for an Oscar. Margaret Avery And Oprah Winfreyrespectively in 1986, but “The Color Purple” seems like an unknown quantity at this point. It was not shown at any festivals and little was heard about the film. Perhaps The Color Purple will disappoint and won’t win as big awards as we think it will. If these two fall out, Foster will raise a loud cry.

Moore, meanwhile, is putting up a stunning May-December performance and should be higher in our odds tables in my opinion. But Foster has to say the same thing. She’s essentially co-leading her film, a type of meaty supporting role that always works well in both the male and female supporting categories. Some examples of nominated performances of this type include: Jessie Buckley in “The Lost Daughter” (2022), Maria Bakalova in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2021), Emma Stone And Rachel Weisz in “The Favorite” (2019), Viola Davis in “Fences” (winner in 2017), Rooney Mara in Carol (2016) and Alicia Vikander in “The Danish Girl” (winner in 2016). In particular, Davis, Mara and Vikander were notable examples of leading performances that were aimed at supporting awards campaigns. Foster could follow suit, although it helps that the film is called Nyad. Foster will automatically be seen as supporting Nyad Beninga, even if she does take center stage in the final third (at least in terms of dialogue).

We also know that the academy loves Foster. She won the Best Actress award twice, for The Accused in 1989 and The Silence of the Lambs in 1992. She was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 1977 for Taxi Driver and received another Best Actress nomination for Taxi Driver. 1995 for “Nell”. She is highly respected among her peers.

What also helps is that this will be Foster’s Oscar return. It’s been 28 years since she was last nominated – it’s a powerful story. And the fact that she doesn’t actually do that many films helps her in this regard. This makes her performance here a rarity that will always be treasured by the academy. She starred in The Mauritanian in 2021 and was close to being nominated then, but again, it helped her. This was Foster’s preemptive comeback. This is the official and main meal of the return with an even more filling role. Foster is set to become a major player in this category, at least in this author’s opinion, especially since after Lily Gladstone went from supporting role to leading role in Killers of the Flower Moon. Foster, like Moore, is a legend. And legends, especially in open races, are always easy for voters to nominate. Expect Foster to rise through the ranks sooner rather than later.

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