Óscar Puente becomes Michael Jordan (This Is Not 1936)

a star is born

Not since Michael Jordan retired has there been a subject like Oscar Puente in the political midweek. The Socialist representative and former mayor of Valladolid unexpectedly responded to Alberto Núñez Fejo at the investiture ceremony. Those who didn’t know him quickly understood why Sanchez chose him over the originally mentioned Patsy Lopez: Puente’s Araballero and lack of style, and his winner/loser status in the last municipal elections – He received more votes than others but a deal saw him lose power, which seems set to happen to Feijiao – they made him the ideal candidate to teach the PPP leadership a lesson.

Puente’s stardom began Tuesday, but it’s not over yet.His most infamous moment began when he asked Fejo from the stands“From winner to winner”More than half of the parliamentarians asked: “Why do you have a better right to be president of the government than me as mayor of Valladolid?” This sentence underlines the primacy of Spain’s parliamentary system over the presidential system, after Friday , he encountered harassment on AVE as he was heading to Congress for the final day of debate. Someone intimidated the Socialist Party representative and tried to prevent him from taking his seat, and the police had to go to restore order. Other left-wing politicians – including some not affiliated with his party, such as Pablo Iglesias or Gabriel Ruffian – explained similar incidents and expressed solidarity with him.

Some people, especially on the far right, have once again proven their dismal failure, saying we are back in 1936. If that were the case, and it isn’t, Puente would look more like Fred Astaire or Imperio Argentina, two of the biggest stars of the moment than none other than Lieutenant Castillo.

Touch the mayor’s face

It’s not 1936, but some people seem determined to make it look like that. The day before the incident in which AVE Madman confronted Oscar Puente, there was another similar incident in which a distinguished man confronted a leader, even to the point of intimidation. But this scene is more serious because among the protagonists (the bully and the victim, let’s be clear), there is not just one politician, but two. This happened during the plenary session of the Madrid City Council: Socialist councilor Daniel Viondi came down from the lectern, having finished his speech, and defended the idea that the old Calabanchel dog park should adopt Jennifer Jennifer Hemoso’s name, and he tapped Mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida three times on the face while leaving some documents on the mayor’s bench .

Almeida was stunned, and it took her a few seconds to react. But he did it with the vigor that such an unusual situation warranted. “Mr Viandi touched my face up to three times in a threatening tone. You are being violent and I will not allow it. “Don’t touch my face again.”“, he told Spanish Socialist MPs. The riot continued throughout the meeting.

Viondi’s “resignation” came via The former MP wrote: “I have informed my party that in the next few hours I will be leaving my parliamentary record. I have apologized publicly and tried personally, but this is not possible.” Madrid Socialist Party leader Juan Lobato made it clear in a broadcast shortly after that Viandi’s sudden dismissal was his decision. Socialist Party mayoral candidate in the last election, Reyes Maroto had already apologized to Almeida during the meeting for the attitude of his subordinates.. This is not 1936.

cricket patriots

It can also be seen from the demographic makeup of Spanish society that this is not 1936. If large numbers of people fled the country then and in subsequent years to escape war and misery, the balance of migration is now positive: since 2016, with the end of the economic crisis, the difference between arrivals and departures has been more than a hundred Thousands of people.that’s why The racial makeup of the Spanish cricket team is no surprisewent viral this week.

To the delight of those who are proud to see the unstoppable progress of mestizos, and to the shame of purists and racists, in the Spanish cricket team all colors coexist, overwhelmingly Most players are of Indian or Pakistani descent, a country where cricket is a mass sport. This can be seen in the traditional camera walk before a match, in this case Spain’s match against France which earns the “red team” a spot in the European Championship. Some of them can also be seen in the video showing unapologetic patriotism, putting their hands on their chests as the music plays. Either that, or they are ignoring the healthy Hispanic tradition of waiting for the performance of a hymn that cannot be sung at any sporting event because it has no lyrics to be delivered quickly.

Rather than celebrating the classification and diversity of the team, as most do, some are using the internet to push xenophobic messages. “They have Spanish IDs but they are from Pakistan,” one of the racists said. “They have Spanish and I have Norwegian,” replied another.Until someone puts them in their place: “Man, don’t waste your time with people who tell Catalans or Basques ‘what’s on your ID card’ but If you are black, have darker skin, or have a different faith, it no longer matters what is on your ID card.“.

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