Oscars: 10 looks that changed the career of the stars

The power of fashion in leaving an indelible mark and modifying not only the history of the costume, but the personal history of the wearer of a particular look, is enormous. Thus, in a small space full of vibrations that go in unison with the roar of the flashes, as can be that of a Red carpet, the choice of extravagant, unexpected, particularly effective, in short, unique clothing can turn a character into a name to remember or, in some cases, a full-blown superstar.

Therefore, while cinephiles and fashionistas are counting down to the 95th Academy Awards on the evening of March 12 (local time) in Los Angeles, we thought we’d review 10 memorable outfits spotted on the red carpet of the Dolby Theater over time, able to change the career and identity of those who sported them. Those clothes, therefore, that have had an immeasurable impact in every sense. Good vision.

1. Cindy Crawford in Versace at the 1991 Oscars

The outfit sported in the early 90s by Cindy Crawford at the Academy Awards she changed the trajectory of both the perception of supermodel style and red carpet fashion in general. At the time, the supermodel, engaged to Richard Gere, hypnotized wrapped in a deep red dress by Gianni Versace. The sultry outfit helped make Crawford a name on everyone’s lips a year before she starred in a Pepsi commercial that established her as a celeb known to everyone around the world.

2. Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior at the 1997 Oscars

John Galliano was catapulted to global fame when he was named Creative Director for Dior in 1996 and the acid green suit worn by Nicole Kidman at the 1997 Oscars it helped launch him into the fashion elite. The particular shade of her dress attracted several criticisms at the time, but it transformed Kidman into a red carpet icon to be reckoned with at a time when her career was starting to take off.

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3.Charlize Theron in Vera Wang at the 2000 Oscars

In 2000 Charlize Theronwith already some successful films in the cinema, such as The Devil’s Advocate with Keanu Reeves, it comes to a turning point. At the Oscars that year, she was breathtaking in a gorgeous tangerine Vera Wang dress with an open back, which, however, seems to have initially had a negative impact on her career. In fact, the actress said that no one took her seriously professionally after seeing her hyper sexy on her red carpet. However, with a huge effort, the star fought the stereotypes of her even going so far as to win the statuette in 2004 for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the acclaimed Monsters.

4. Halle Berry in Elie Saab at the 2002 Oscars

The Academy Award Winner of Halle Berry For Monster’s Ball in 2002 it represented a significant occasion as, for the first time, two African-American actors (Berry and Denzel Washington) won the statuette for best actress and actor in the same year. For that historic occasion, Halle wore a sheer bodice dress by Lebanese couturier Elie Saab, who was little known in America at the time. The look was not only ideal for the star’s big moment, but it also upped the ante for the naked dress on red carpets in the decade to come, a trend that is still very strong today. A dress that marked Halle’s entry into Hollywood history.

5. Angelina Jolie in Marc Bouwer at the 2004 Oscars

Before that year, between the 90s and 00s, the style of Angelina Jolie it was decidedly punkish and irreverent. This ivory diva dress designed by Marc Bouwer worn at the 2004 Academy Awards was a moment of transition towards maturity for the actress, anticipating the classic and sober looks that would characterize the star in the years to come.

6. Michelle Williams in Vera Wang at the 2006 Oscars

On the red carpet of the 2006 Oscars, Michelle Williams dressed in a mustard-colored Vera Wang dress, she would write the history of the most celebrated looks at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. An outfit that, of course, would become her most iconic and that for many marked her transition from being a protagonist of a teen drama, Dawson’s Creek, to that of actress with a capital A.

7. Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein at the 2011 Oscars

Before the saga Hunger Games and his Oscar win for Bright side a few years later, a then little known Jennifer Lawrence she had been nominated for an Oscar for her role in the independent film A freezing winter. The entrance of the star on the red carpet, wrapped in a fiery red slipdress by Calvin Klein, was absolutely her moment Who’s that girl?.

8. Lupita Nyong’o in Prada at the 2014 Oscars

The light blue Prada designer dress, pleated and slightly bling bling, was definitely a career turning point, which the actress wore when she won the Oscar for 12 years a slave. Nyong’o she also said that the color of the look was chosen as a tribute to her home country of Kenya. From that moment Lupita became a style reference point that should never be underestimated.

9. Margot Robbie in Tom Ford at the 2016 Oscars

At the time, the actress was one of the hottest new talents in Hollywood: on the red carpet of the 2016 Oscars Margot Robbie she openly declares it wearing a gold snakeskin-effect Tom Ford dress, the first in a series of style victories on the red carpet by the protagonist of the awaited film Barbie.

10. Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen (and Tiffany & Co. jewels) at the 2019 Oscars

If anyone had any doubts about the status of Lady Gaga as an icon of the film industry as well, they were silenced when she attended the 2019 Oscars wearing a truly priceless accessory. The yellow Tiffany Diamond necklace had only been worn by one other star before Gaga, Audrey Hepburn, and is the gem of the historic jewelry brand most coveted by stars. Not only that, in combination with Alexander McQueen’s black gown, she transformed the pop star into prom belle that year, while also putting her signature on the seriousness of her acting career.

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