Oscars 2023, the nominations for best actress and best supporting actor

Among them stand out Angela Bassett, divine in her role in the sequel to Black Panther, and Brendan Gleeson, the “mentor” of Hollywood

After listing the films competing for the nomination for best film and the directors competing for the title of best director, here are the two five nominated for best leading actresses and best supporting actors at the 2023 Oscars.

Nominations for best supporting actresses

Angela Bassett

ambassador ofUnicef from the brilliant career of actress, Bassett is in the running for the gold statuette of the best supporting actress for the film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”. Born on the same day as Madonna, August 16, 1958, she was raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. After graduating from the Boca Ciega High School of Gulfport and a degree from Yale University in Drama began her career in the mid-1980s, playing minor roles first in the TV movie Doubletake and then playing the wife of Malcolm X in the biography of the same name, alongside Denzel Washington. She also starred alongside Meryl Streep in it The music of the heartbut also lent his voice to the film Disney The Princess and the Frog. Among the films in which he participated Power Strike – Olympus has Fallen, Power attack 2 And Black Panthera film that consecrated her and in whose sequel she will appear again.

Hong Chau

Before competing for the Oscars with the film The Whale, Hong Chau’s life has been greatly troubled. Born in a refugee camp in Thailand on June 25, 1979 to Vietnamese parents, the actress has repeatedly stated that her childhood was lived in extreme poverty. Thanks to the intervention of a Vietnamese Catholic church, Hong Chau’s family has the opportunity to move to New Orleans, Louisiana. Here she began her brilliant career, with her debut in 2006 in the TV series Finding my America. The consecration comes instead with the film Downsizingwhich earned her several awards: she was nominated for numerous awards such as the Golden Globe.

Kerry Condon

Currently in progress with The Spirits of the Island (original title The Banshees of Inisherin) Kerry Condon has been a great lover of classical and modern theater since her adolescence. Her film debut is marked in 1999 by Angela’s ashes by Alan Parker, where she plays Theresa. Her role allows her to earn a solo place in Irish cinema, and in 2001 she participates in the film by Goran Paskaljevic How Harry became a tree. In 2001, at the age of 18, he entered the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Companyand during the representation of Inishmore’s lieutenant in which she plays the role of Maidread she meets Martin McDonagh, with whom she will establish an important artistic partnership and a deep friendship. Shakespearean theater remains a cornerstone of her career, as she is the youngest performer to play Polonius’ daughter Ophelia in ‘Hamlet.

In the currently competing film she plays Siobhán, sister of a co-star Pádraic Súilleabháin (Colin Farrell). In this film Condon is the comical voice of reason and heart, conscientious and dreamy but who feels confined within the confines of an island.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie Hsu

The two actresses are both competing for this category with the film Everything Everywhere All at Once. Daughter of two movie stars, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis grew up with her mother after her parents’ divorce. After a series of small parts in television she made her film debut with Halloween: the night of the witches (1978) by John Carpenter, and always with Carpenter to direct is also in fog (1980) where she plays a young hitchhiker involved in terrible murders. She continues the horror genre with Terror train (1980) by Roger Spottiswood e The lord of death (1981) by Rick Rosenthal. After consolidating his career in horror he made his comedy debut with An armchair for two (1983), but it was in 1988 that he achieved international fame with A fish named Wanda by Charles Crichton.

The very young Stephanie Hsu instead, born in 1990, made her debut with television, becoming famous for her work as Mei in the third season of The Marvelous Mrs Maiselthus moving to the role of Joy in the cult film of Hulu The Path, Girl Code of MTV and more. Also known on Broadway for her appearances in the Temple of musicals, she played and originated the role of Karen The Computer in SpongeBob The Musical on Broadway.

Nominations for best supporting actors

Brendan Gleeson and Barry Keoghan

Immortal in the hearts of fans of Harry Potter in the role of Malocchio Moody, Brendan Gleeson, 67 years old, this time competes for the title of best supporting actor, like his colleague Condon, for The Banshees of Inisherin. A famous Hollywood character actor, he has often played the role of mentor and guide. But it is not the only important film, The Spirits of the Island, in which he starred. Many will remember her participation in the film Troyin the role of Menelao, or when he participated in the ciack of Braveheart – Brave heart. He also played the mentor of a young Leonardo DiCaprio in Gangs of New York.

The life of the very young Barry Keoghan has a stormy and painful beginning: due to his mother’s heroin addiction, which will eventually kill her prematurely, he is forced to move from foster family to foster family together with his brother. The first encounter with acting comes in years in which his character is turbulent and rebellious, also due to his past: he acts in some school plays in Dublin, but is kicked out for constant pranks; he sneaks into Parnell Street’s Cineworld several times, which he was eventually barred from. In 2011 finally begins his debut with the film Between the Canalswhile it is the series Love/Hate to gain popularity in Ireland.

Brian Tyree Henry

Before causeways, Brian Tyree Henry is also known for appearing in other serials like Boardwalk Empire – The empire of crime, The rules of the perfect crime And This Is Us. However, the turning point came in 2018, when he was chosen to join the cast of Widows – Criminal Legacy by Steve McQueen e If the street could talk by Barry Jenkins. These two roles will consecrate the actor from Fayetteville, North Carolina. His candidacy for the current film is more curious than ever, also considering his biography: he is in fact the son of a soldier and an educator, and in Causeaway he plays the role of an acquaintance of the protagonist, Lynsey (Jennifer Lawrence) an engineer soldier who has just returned to the United States after suffering a debilitating brain injury from a bomb explosion in Afghanistan.

Judd Hirsch

Veteran of Hollywood, before you get to The Fabelmans Hirsch began his career after starting out in a completely different industry. Born in the Bronx, he attended the City College of New York where he studied engineering and physics. Then the encounter with the theater and the turning point of a life, which leads him to graduate from American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She worked extensively with a stock company in Colorado before making her Broadway debut in 1966 in Barefoot in the park. Known for his roles in detective stories (the first appearance is in the TV movie The Law), Hirsch landed his first gig as the lead in a weekly crime series, Delvecchiofrom 1976 to 1977. From 1978 to 1983 he was Alex Reiger in the ensemble comedy Taxi and won two emmys. While he was busy with Taxi, Hirsch found time to perform off-Broadway, and won an Obie award for the 1979 play “Talley’s Folly.” The following decade, Hirsch was awarded two Tonys for his Broadway performances in “I’m Not Rappaport” and “Conversations With My Father.” After interpreting TaxiHirsch was the protagonist of the television series Detectives in the Housein 1985, and won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of John Lacey in Dear Johnfrom 1988 to 1992. Among his notable appearances also as the father of Jeff Goldblum in the blockbuster film Independence Day. In Spielberg’s autobiography he plays Boris Schildkraut, the protagonist’s uncle, former lion tamer and filmmaker.

Ke Huy Quan

Everything Everywhere All at Once is the film thanks to which Huy Quan risks winning the gold statuette for best supporting actor. Like her colleague Hong Chau who is competing for the same statuette (however female) Ke’s story is also deeply marked by the Vietnamese conflict of the last century. Born in Saigon, he lived in Vietnam until the age of 4, until the Army of the Republic of South Vietnam was defeated in 1975 and his family was forced to leave Vietnam, asking for political asylum in the United States.
He was the first child actor of Asian descent to achieve success in American cinema, making his debut at age 12 starring opposite Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). He then played the role of the inventor Data ne The Goonies by Richard Donner. In 1986-1987 she worked in the television series Together We Stand and in 1991 in the film Breathing Fire. In 2002 she starred instead in the Chinese film Second Time Around. After a 19-year hiatus in 2021 he returned to acting on the big screen in film Discovering ‘Ohana. With Everything Everywhere All at Once has already been the winner of a Golden Globes.

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