Oscars 2023, where to stream the nominated films

On the night between 12 and 13 March 2023 we could follow the awaited Oscar ceremony in Italy live from Los Angeles. Like every year, cinema and glamor enthusiasts can’t wait to gossip about the looks of the stars who will parade on the red carpet, experience the event that will surely be full of emotions, surprises, entertainment and who knows, maybe even some unexpected events such as the past editions.

But above all there will be many films, documentaries and short films – as well as professionals of the seventh art – who will compete for the coveted statuette. Some titles are still in the cinema, but others can already be recovered on the various streaming platforms to get ready for the big night of the Oscars 2023 and cheer for personal favorites. Below we tell you where to find some of the nominated films in the various categories of the Oscars, not just for best picture. Good vision!

The films of the Oscars 2023 Sky / NowTv

Living was nominated for best leading actor Bill Nighy and for Best Adapted Screenplay. You can find it on Sky and NowTv and it is a remake of the homonymous film by Akira Kurosawa of 1952. We are in the 50s and, while London struggles to recover from the Second World War, Mr. Williams, an English bureaucrat, must face the last months of his life after discovering that he is terminally ill.

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The Batman instead he was nominated for an Oscar 2023 for best make up and best special effects. Robert Pattinson And Zoe Kravitzas well as Colin Farrell as Penguin they show off a refined look that has bewitched the Academy and partly the public who appreciated this dark and melancholy cinecomic by Matt Reeves.

French is among the nominees for best foreign film Close Of Lukas Dhont which from March 9 is available on NowTv. At the center is a story of friendship between two 13-year-old boys, misunderstood by their peers and by the rest of the world. The fear that this bond could be misunderstood for something more and different sows resentment, misunderstanding and pain around the protagonists.

And then there is elvis, the musical biopic of Buz Luhrmann which could get the statuette for best actor Austin Butler, best cinematography, best editing, best sound, best costumes or best film. A rain of nominations even if the most quoted is that of Butler who dressed very well in the role of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Finally on Sky and Now TV you can also recover Top Gun: Maverick although in some cities it is still possible to see it in the cinema. The movie of Tom Cruisesequel to the cult Top Gunsis nominated for Best Editing, the original song by Lady Gaga Hold my handbest sound, best make-up, best adapted screenplay and best special effects.

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Oscars 2023 movies on Netflix

All Quiet on the Western Front has garnered nominations for the 2023 Oscars. The German film was nominated for best film and best foreign film, best photography, best sound, best make-up, best soundtrack, best adapted screenplay and has already won several awards around the world . A moving, intense and well-crafted war movie that tells the First World War from the point of view of young boys for whom enlisting is almost a dream, at least until they find themselves in the trenches.

The mud, blood, fear, brutality and pain they experience every day makes them realize that the war was not as they had imagined. The film is a Netflix production like Blondethe controversial film by Andrew Dominik premiered at the Venice film festival which received the nomination for Ana De Armas as best actress in the role of the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

On Netflix you will also find two of the animated films nominated for the Oscars 2023, namely The Sea Monster and Pinocchio. The first is made with traditional animation and tells a fantastic and colorful adventure of a sea monster hunter whose life is turned upside down by meeting a young girl. While Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio is a stop motion work that revisits Collodi’s classic fairy tale setting it at the time of the First World War in an exciting and moving way.

Finally on Netflix you can recover the mystery glass onion, sequel to Knives Out which was nominated for best adapted screenplay also inspired by the whodunit world of Agatha Christie with a stellar cast including Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, to name a few. Finally the Indian colossal RRR who dazzled the Academy and a large part of the world audience for his original song Naatu Naatu. Set in 1920s India, the film follows a fearless warrior on a risky mission through forests and epic action.

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The films of the Oscars 2023 on Prime Video

After the preview at the last edition of the Venice Film Festival Argentina, 1985 is nominated for best foreign film and you can see it on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Santiago Mitertells the story of a group of lawyers who decide to face the Argentine military dictatorship of the 80s. In the cast Ricardo Darìn and Juan Pedro Lanzani who give excellent performances together with Claudio Da Passano, Antonia Bengoechea, Alejandra Flechner and Norman Briski.

Oscars 2023 movies on Disney+

Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Black Panther is one of the few cinecomics that has the opportunity to be included among the Oscar nominations. But it notably marks a historic moment for Best Supporting Actress nomination by Angela Bassett, as it is the first time that the Marvel universe is considered for this category. However the film is also nominated for best costumes, best make up, best song Lift me up which will be performed by Rihanna on stage at the Dolby Theater, and obviously better special effects. Directed by Ryan Coogler, Wakanda Forever, after the death of the late one Chadwick Bosemanfinds the kingdom without its king.

28th annual critics choice awards – show

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There is a confused and uncertain air and Wakanda ends up in the crosshairs of world powers who want to get their hands on those lands, even if the real threat comes from the sea. Namor, king of Talokan, wants to start a war and the heroes of Wakanda must defend their people to restore peace and prosper in serenity.

You can find this movie on Disney+ as The Pupilsthe short film made by Alice Rohrwacher with the production of the Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron. At its heart is a story of innocence, greed and fantasy to speak of desires, pure and selfish, of freedom and devotion and of the anarchy that can flourish in the minds of girls within the confines of a strict religious boarding school during Christmas. The only nomination that this year brings a bit of Italy to the Oscars.

The films of the Oscars 2023 on Apple TV +

Causeaway is the Apple film that premiered at the last edition of the Rome Film Fest. The Academy has decided to nominate Brian Tyree Henry as best supporting actor who supported the protagonist played by Jennifer Lawrence.

This drama directed by Lila Neugebauer tells the story of an American soldier who returns from the war in Afghanistan with a brain injury. Taking back her “normal” life is difficult and the young woman has to deal with the traumas she has suffered, not only physically but also and above all psychologically. Bryan Tyree Henry’s character is that important support for her who becomes a friend and adventure companion to whom she can cling to overcome that dramatic moment.

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