Osorno hosts course and conference on pediatric respiratory diseases

Osorno hosts course and conference on pediatric respiratory diseases

🔵The event, hosted by the Osorno Medical Faculty, brought together more than a hundred participants from all over the country to update their knowledge on respiratory diseases.

In the lobby of the Hotel Sonesta in Osorno, New version of the course “Dr. Patrick Gonzalez” and version number 9 Conference on Pediatric Respiratory Diseases “Dr. Alfonso Montesinos”the event is created by Chilean Society of Respiratory Diseases SER Chile through its South Branch And by Osorno Medical School.

This premier event, bringing together health-related medical professionals, students, academics and administrators, is considered the most prestigious at the national level due to the experience of the exhibitors, the importance of the topics discussed and their impact One of the important activities. For the development and treatment of respiratory diseases in the country.

all, Four modules were developedwhere with Sleep, viral pneumonia, ventilatory support outside the ICU, and lung function and asthmaPanels of numerous experts and exhibitors deal with specific topics for each theme, such as diagnosis, disease research, treatment, therapy, lung function tests, etc. Assistants are also allowed for discussions and questions.

Osorno hosts course and conference on pediatric respiratory diseases

Pediatric bronchopulmonary physician and president of SER Chile, the Chilean Respiratory Society, Dr Guillermo ZepedaThe event is aimed primarily at professionals from the southern region of the country, with a focus on pediatric and adult respiratory diseases.

“The course is aimed at health staff working at the hospital and primary care level, and also includes medical and kinesiology students, so we had a wide range of participants who definitely learned a lot from the different presentations”, Dr. Zepeda commented.

Bronchopulmonary Pediatrician at Osorno Base Hospital, Professor at the University of Southern Chile, Dr. Natalia RiveraResponsible for exposing the spectrum of RSV and promoting biologic therapy for severe asthma in children, a pioneering therapy that has been implemented in the main Osorino medical institution.

Osorno hosts course and conference on pediatric respiratory diseases

“The city of Osorno is in a very good base in terms of treatment because the case rate is higher than the national average, which is why there is a constant search for innovative and first world treatments. There is a lot of demand this winter and there are a lot of people hospitalized , but fortunately, the spread of the virus has decreased, and as a public system we are able to respond to such contingencies in a good way,” Dr. Rivera explained.

Director of this course, Dr Edgardo Grobhighlighted the successful sponsorship of the event Colmed Osorno and UACh Campo Clínico OsornoOne hundred attendees listened to top-level presentations on topics such as sleep disorders, viral infections in children and adults, research on respiratory function, and the use of different devices to improve oxygen supply to hypoxic patients and vaccine updates.

“Historically, this event has been running for 20 years, and we will continue to provide new knowledge on respiratory pathology every year, as well as other topics such as the highlight at the end of this event, the worrying state of pollution around the world According to the analysis, unfortunately, our city is no stranger “, Dr. Grob pointed out.

Source: Newsletter. Osorno Region – comunicacionesosorno@colegiomedico.cl

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