Our province will carry out publicity activities on World Viral Hepatitis Day

The provincial government, through the Ministry of Health, announced a viral hepatitis testing and awareness campaign on July 28 this year and will continue until August 4. Notably, scientific developments have enabled prevention and treatment tools.

OK, In the Americas, approximately 80,000 new infections with hepatitis B and C occur each yearArgentina is a low-prevalence country with a detection rate of less than 2% for hepatitis B and less than 1% for hepatitis C.

Undersecretary for Health Promotion Sebastian Torres emphasized that “notifications regarding hepatitis B cases The population of the province has decreased over the past 10 years, Because in 2013 we had 120 annual records and last year we reported 40 cases, which happened due to vaccinations.”

Likewise, Torres emphasized that “since 2015, the number of patients has decreased as the treatment guaranteed a cure rate of more than 90 percent.”

“It’s also important to note that hepatitis A is no longer a public health problem due to the population being vaccinated and the province seeing an average of fewer than four cases per year,” he said.

The official explained, “Hepatitis can be caused by a viral infection, which is why we work on awareness and prevention of the disease from different angles: on the one hand with hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccination campaigns, on the other. Start a Hepatitis Early Detection Campaign.” Hepatitis B, Hep C, which is why we’re proactively offering free, walk-in testing across the province.

“As with many other diseases, washing hands and using drinking water are preventive measures,” concludes Sebastian Torres.

Test for free:

Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B testing will be available July 28-August 4, 7-10 at the following locations, no prior appointment or doctor’s order required:

One-Eyed Deer: Dr. Gutierrez Hospital. 131 Santa Fe Avenue; Reclaiming Lost Ground: Olga Starkey Hospital. Yrigoyen 1951; Santa Fe: Cancer Hospital. Peron Private 3450; Zoago Hospital. French 5224; Iturraspe Hospital. Av Blas Parera 8300 Cemafe. Mendoza 2419

Rosario: Centennial Hospital. Urquiza 3100; Provincial Hospital. Germany 1450; Eva Peron Hospital – Bagoria. Via San Martin 1645: Carriage Hospital Grenadiers – San Lorenzo. Richery 347

Rafaela: Jaime Ferre Hospital. Lisandro de la Torre 737.

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