outdoor picnic in dark t-shirts

Flavio Briatore took advantage of the summer holidays to reunite his family in Monaco. Together with her children Nathan Falko and Leni Klum, she had a picnic in the garden, documenting everything on social networks with a carefree portrait.

Summer holidays continue Flavio Briatore: After spending several weeks on the Costa Smeralda between mornings on the beach and evenings at the Billionaire, he has now returned to Monaco and has seen fit to reunite his family for the occasion (with the exception of his ex-wife Elisabetta Gregorachinow in Sicily). Thanks to the cool sunny day, he had a picnic in the garden and did not hesitate to document everything on social networks. The detail that got the most media attention? Children’s reunion Nathan Falco Briatore AND Leni Klumappeared smiling and rallied side by side.

Welcome party for Leni Klum

Leni Klum has already arrived in Monaco for a few days (as seen in the photo on the boat with her father and brother), but only recently the entrepreneur decided to organize a welcome party in her honor. The family party was held in the garden and was full of fun and delicious food. Against a backdrop of hedgerows and immaculate lawns, the three smiled and posed in front of a splendidly laid table. Salad with carrots and tomatoes, roasted corn on the cob, sausages and grilled vegetables: to make the picnic even more special, a maxi cake dedicated to Heidi Klum’s daughter, decorated with the inscription “Welcome Leni“.

Flavio Briatore with children Nathan Falco and Leni Klum

Flavio Briatore with children Nathan Falco and Leni Klum

Consistent views of Flavio Briatore and his children

What could be better than a family picnic to dress casually and coordinated? This is exactly what Flavio Briatore did with his children, who chose comfortable and dark outfits for the garden party. In the center of the photo is an entrepreneur wearing a plain black T-shirt and now-iconic bone-rimmed sunglasses. Nathan appears to her right in a T-shirt like hers, but with a chain around his neck, and on the other side is Leni, stunning with a ponytail and an oversized LA Lakers T-shirt. Isn’t a comfortable family portrait beautiful?

Nathan Falco Briatore, double birthday: Elisabetta Gregoracci celebrates with a cropped shirt

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