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A timeless look to suit any body type, elegant, chic yet casual and absolutely stunning on any occasion. There white shirt and jeans – trendy outfit which never goes out of fashion and develops along with it, revealing itself in thousands of different versions and always keeping up with the times, but never forgetting its essence.

A combination that is just as simple, but also spectacular, in which the protagonists are two excellent and prestigious pieces of clothing. evergreen, a classic white shirt and the world’s favorite denim trousers. And all this by mixing shapes, colors (denim) and details to reinvent each time this look, elegant yet casual, that resolves any doubts about fashionable outfits that can be instantly displayed.

When you prepare, in what order do you do things?

The evolution of the look

A combination of clothes and fabrics that attracts attention not only today. Of course, the latest example of the unique style that can be achieved by pairing a white shirt and jeans to create a trendy outfit that needs to be immediately copied was presented by Valentino during the fall-winter 2023 fashion show, wowing everyone from the very opening. show with an unexpected twist Kaia Gerber dressed in denim pants, a large white shirt and silver shoes that will decorate the whole look.

But before this sophisticated and modern look, there were other combinations of jeans and a white shirt. they went down in history, an outfit favored by models of their caliber like Tina Kunaki, who has worn it several times, or supermodels who have made catwalk history like Cindy Crawford. From singer Dua Lipa to Katie Holmes. But let’s not forget such an absolute icon as the beloved Lady Diana, who loved to pair the two pieces, wearing them with grace and ease. Unique style.

In short, the combination of a white shirt and jeans is always fashionable and goes with any outfit. improve every type of silhouette, simply choose the right jeans and the best cut for your stark white shirt, playing and reinventing this timeless look that allows you to combine any era and style with absolute naturalness and originality.

White shirt and jeans: a trendy outfit to try on right now

For example, opting for a super-classic combination and a large number of loved by members of the royal familylike the one worn by Meghan Markle in 2017 on her first official outing as Prince Harry’s girlfriend, a combination of skinny jeans, an oversized white shirt only partially tucked into trousers, and a pair of basic flat-soled ballerinas.

Or again, opting for high-waisted jeans with a waist belt, a strictly masculine-cut shirt tucked into trousers, and a pair of trousers. trendy loafers. A super-casual look with timeless charm just like Lady Diana’s, perfect for the office and outing where you want to opt for a classy yet casual outfit.

White shirt and baggy jeans

If you love baggy jeans, then a white fitted shirt goes well with this type of trousers. playing with sizesi.e. get an absolutely stunning look that can be accessorized with an oversized blazer and a pair of classic sneakers or a plunging neckline to make a white shirt and jeans combo more sophisticated, creating a trendy outfit with just one cool detail.

Thus, the gods can be united on the same wave. wide jeans with a white stretch shirt, modern and charming look, comfortable and eye-catching, perfect to show off in the office and wear with maximum ease, pairing flat shoes for the day and high heels for the evening, to go from work to outing . an aperitif with the utmost simplicity.

If you can’t refuse boyfriend jeans, then in this case as well, pair with a beautiful white satin shirt that can be worn with trousers or opt for a short model, but always with confidence to demonstrate a look that will not go unnoticed even for a short time. the second and which will guarantee you full approval. And it’s all thanks to these two iconic, timeless pieces of clothing that, when paired and paired correctly, go through history, increasing their charm and, of course, yours.

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