Outrage in Australia after activist Caitlyn Jenner entered the country. Dozens of Australian citizens are stranded abroad due to flight restrictions

Australia has imposed a limit on the number of passengers entering the country on a weekly basis as part of new measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, introduced in the context of the spread of the more infectious Delta variant of coronavirus in this country as well.

The number was halved on July 14, currently at 3,000.

The measure will run until 31 August and is bad news for the more than 30,000 Australians stranded abroad. People who manage to enter the country are forced to spend 14 days in quarantine.

Most foreigners are denied access to the country, but Jenner announced on Friday that she is honoring a “work commitment” by traveling to Australia where the press writes that she participates in filming for the TV show “Big Brother”, Hotnews reports.

The Australian press has strongly criticized the decision of the Australian authorities to allow the American activist and candidate to enter the country.

“It’s ridiculous,” Sky News presenter Paul Murray said on Sunday.

Far-right columnist Katie Hopkins was also allowed to enter Australia to appear in “Big Brother.” She said the isolation she has to live in is a hoax and said she is waiting for food to be delivered to her room to scare employees by not wearing a mask and appearing naked in front of the door.

As a result of the controversy, Hopkins was removed from the show and his visa was revoked and he was deported.

Despite restrictions on the number of passengers entering the country on a weekly basis, celebrities were allowed to enter Australia during the pandemic, with large film studios drawn to the country due to the relatively small number of coronavirus infections.

Among the stars who have been allowed to enter Australia since the border closed are Matt Damon, Natalie Portman and Rita Ora, according to ABC, writes Hotnews.

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