Outstanding Promo-Tools-Power-Saver, PLN: not Just Faith


Technicians PLN fact, a technical service to the consumers. (Is)

TANGERANG – The state electricity company (PLN) has appealed to the community, in order to promotion tool trust, save the electricity.

The reason, saving electricity, you should not from tools, but from the behaviour of the consumers themselves. So the promotion was not to be taken into account as could be.

Vice President of Public Relations of PLN, Dwi Suryo Abdullah the public asked, alert and do not install a power saver, the of each party, including the allegation that the officer ‘ s official PLN.

“We affirm that the PLN has never issued, the withdrawal of the product in the form of a power saver in the form of equipment, the compensator performance to save power or to be able to reduce the reading value of active power, measured in kWh meters,” said the Dwi-MRI, on Monday (23/3/2020).

Study various laboratory techniques carried out by direct measurement of the value of power and energy, phase, distortion, and the observation of the waveforms of current and voltage, with the equipment of Power Quality and energy Analyzer and an oscilloscope. The measurement is performed on two conditions, namely, when the tool-compensator, the energy that is used, and without a tool-power compensator.

“The results of the study on the different brands, the use of the tool compensator makes no impact on the consumption of the active power of the load, thus, the tool-compensator power can help reduce the energy consumption to the customer and does not affect the measurement of energy in kWh meters,” said the Dwi-MRI.

According to the Dwi, all tool saver power studied in the laboratory and circulated in the market, a passive component composed of capacitors with series-trailer.

“In the case of Installation on the load budget, the resisitif the use of Tools, power saver, can deteriorate the power factor, and it increases the measured energy. The appliance’s electrical safety is almost certainly not a reduction in his electricity bill could,” he explained.

Why not ask the Dwi, Because such tools reduce the flow, or reduce the reactive power (VAr), instead of the active power (Watt), while paid for by the consumers, is the active power (Watt) multiplied by time, the unit kilo-Watt-hours, or kWh.

“Then, why the answer is not nearly could be sure? Yes, because for certain customers, especially helpless to a great PLN, you limit the use of the reactive energy (kVArh) by the Installation of kVArh-meter. This means that if a customer consumes more than the limit of reactive power, calculated, measured the cost for kVArh,” said the Dwi-MRI.

“So the use of Tools, energy-efficient, that is promoted, it could, Yes, reduction may be the remuneration for the excess kVArh shall, however, tambnya be calculated very well, as the reactive power to be compensated by such a tool”.

With the results of the study, more Dwi, PLN appealed to all customers to not install a power saver that is provided, because it is not proven to reduce electricity costs, will also improve the measurement of electrical energy.

“The increase in bills in General, in accordance with the application of electricity. Sometimes we do not feel that our electronic equipment is increased, for the first example, you use the air CONDITIONING, now with the air conditioner or other electronic device. This will certainly increase the use of electricity. In view of the tariff-the electricity business, the budget for the year 2017, there has never been a increase in the amount of Rp1.467/kwh,” he said. (Ihy/Red)