Over-60s will once again be required to get coronavirus and flu jabs

Starting next October, all citizens aged 60 and older will be required to receive two vaccines: a flu shot and a COVID-19 vaccine. “Our aim is to work where we think the risk is greatest: older people, vulnerable people and health professionals. So that’s where we will focus our advice. Then, on a voluntary basis, Everyone can choose whether to get vaccinated.”, the Minister of Health explained to LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, Jose Manuel Quinonez.

The ministry is responsible for providing the necessary vaccine doses to the autonomous regions. “Some communities told us it will start in the last week of September. The remaining communities will start in October,” the health department chief said. Last year in Asturias Activity It starts in nursing homes on September 26, and for the general population two weeks later, on October 10.

“Our goal with the COVID-19 vaccine is to achieve a vaccination rate of more than 80%, like the previous vaccines,” said Minister Mignones. Everything indicates that the coronavirus vaccine will be adapted to the latest XBB variants.

So the flu vaccination is not only targeted at those 65 and older, as has been the tradition for many years, but the age threshold is lowered to 60, the same age for protection against the coronavirus. In addition to health workers, calls for vaccination will include all professionals deemed essential.

Specific instructions for influenza are also available for all children aged 6 to 59 months. Another document from the Ministry of Health stipulates that children under 6 months of age and those born between October and March will be immunized with an antibody against RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) (niservimab, brand name “Beyfortus”) ( rather than vaccination). this time. The age of premature babies can be extended to 12 months, and the age of high-risk groups can be extended to 24 months.

José Manuel Miñones said, “COVID-19 is another respiratory disease, and just like high-risk groups have received the flu vaccine, it is now recommended that they receive the COVID-19 vaccine because it is clear Contagion will occur.” The Health Minister pointed out that the World Health Organization (WHO), with the support of Spain, has declared the health emergency to be over, “but this does not mean that the new coronavirus has disappeared.”

Throughout July and August, “there were higher numbers of infections, but the course was very similar to influenza, with no increase in hospitalizations, ICU admissions or deaths.” So, Minones added, “This is just another virus that we can’t stop monitoring, and just like any other respiratory virus, we need people, especially those who may be at greater risk, to get vaccinated.”

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