“Over the last ten years we have filled a void”

During an interview with the microphones of louder, Damian David And Victoria DeAngelis they talked about the rise to fame of the Maneskins and their incredible last year, during which they released the new album of unreleased “Rush!” and they returned to the Ariston stage as guests, two years after their victory at the 2021 Sanremo Festival with “Shut up and Good“, a song with which they then triumphed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

We’ve done a lot of crazy things in the last year that we never expected to do“, Victoria began. “We’ve played tons of cities, met a lot of cool people, and performed on TV shows and festivals. We are really excited!“.

But what’s the strangest thing that’s happened to them this past year? “cchat with the Red Hot Chili Peppers as if we’ve known each other for a long time“, Damiano replied without thinking twice. Then, other memories began to peep out and then the frontman of the Roman rock band added: “Dating Beck, we did a lot of weird things. We even had James Hetfield from Metallica in the dressing room without knowing it“.

And to those who say that theirs is not true rock, because it also passes through television, De Angelis replied: “NWe are not interested in why, if you are truly passionate about music, you should be judging the music and not where it comes from. Our goal is not to convince rock’n’roll fans that we really are rock. We’re just doing our thing. We’ve had the pleasure of playing with legends like Iggy Pop, the Stones and Guns N’ Roses and even they don’t think about it. So, neither should anyone else. At least we don’t play trap or hip-hop“.

Words – those of Victoria – which echo those of Damiano, who finally stated: “I would say traditional rock fans are not our target. If we talk about analog music, in the last ten years I think we have filled a void“.

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