Oversized Style, 5 Tips for Fashionable Dressing

The origins of plus size oversize style are deep in hip hop culture, but above all it allows you to be comfortable both in your free time and on a fun night out. For this reason, oversized is one of the fashion trends of the moment

it’s no coincidence if The oversized style has become so famous all over the worldTo turn heads even on the catwalk with XXL sweatshirt and shoes nike dunks for menOveralls or jeans three sizes larger.

To complete the look, just resort to accessories such as a hat, scarf, hat and backpack, and here it is perfect. hip hop style, which has now become one of the most popular outfits celebrities.

Oversized Style, 5 Tips for Fashionable Dressing

Oversized Style, 5 Tips To Wear It With Style

off shoulder sweatshirt

One need only take a look and admire the Beastie Boys’ style to know that each sweatshirt or tee is extra wide at the shoulders, with sleeves that flare liberally at the wrist or elbow. It is also possible to achieve the chic effect of a grand evening, perhaps by choosing an oversized jacket, combined with a shirt that is always very wide and perhaps with a tie: the important thing is the broad shoulders.

Oversized Style, 5 Tips for Fashionable Dressing
Miu Miu FW23/24

oversized shirt

Even the selection of a shirt should be done thoughtfully. The advice is to avoid choosing shirts in the two largest sizes, to avoid the box effect, choose models of a larger size. Striped models, monochrome or all-white, are ideal choices.

Oversized Style, 5 Tips for Fashionable Dressing
Versace FW23/24

It’s also possible to create contrast between tight shirts and loose jackets, breaking the monotony of oversized clothing and always dressing with style.

Sweater: a classic of hip hop and grunge style

This item of clothing is perfect both with skin trousers, classic jeans, but above all with oversized trousers. The sweater is a symbol of hip hop culture and the grunge style of the 90s and has made a comeback in recent years.

Oversized Style, 5 Tips for Fashionable Dressing
Atro FW23/24

The rule to follow is always the same: choose a larger model or take a few sizes larger, but always without exaggeration. Matching a sweater with nike sneakers will add an extra touch of style to an oversize outfit for any occasion.

this suit is timeless

For those who seek maximum comfort and love sports shoes, the tracksuit is a must-have and an oversized item in an excellent style of clothing. Just look at the outfits of the legends of rap music Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aka Will Smith, to find out which tracksuits, accessories, and sneakers are top-notch in terms of both comfort and style. This suit remains evergreen for those who want to wear plus size with style.

Oversized Style, 5 Tips for Fashionable Dressing
balenciaga x adidas

XXXL Pants & Jeans

At this point it would be appropriate to talk about oversized trousers, which can also be ordinary XXXL size jeans. Be careful in choosing the right shoes, as wide trousers can touch the ground and therefore become damaged or, worse, catch dirt on the road. To avoid this problem, round sneakers are the best model to harmonize the outfit even better.

Oversized Style, 5 Tips for Fashionable Dressing
Diesel FW23/24

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