Owning a house will be easier: so you can pay it off in six years, and it’ll be cheaper

In many cases, acquiring housing comes with significant debt that can become burdensome in the long run, and can become even more burdensome when adverse circumstances arise. Financial life can change a lot when a home loan can increase the value of a property to a greater extent.

However, to quickly address these issues, An expert talks about the top habits for reducing the time you spend on debt, and the best thing about it is that you pay far less.

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The man, Sergio Mahecha, 33 years old, is a civil engineer by profession and has extensive experience in several construction companies. Currently, he works as a manager on the super homeowner platform, providing fans with tricks to pay off their mortgages quickly. And save a lot of money, which you can invest in other things.

The man said that if he accepts housing law, could stage a play called cutting mortgage credit And also pay-as-you-go, so “easy at first. Since the monthly fee has to be increased by the percentage the client wants and adjusted into his pocket.

The extra money is invested by telling the bank to transfer the principal directly, With this, it’s possible to see “an astonishing reduction in time, but above all interest”.

To make it easier to understand, the civil engineer explained that he helped a man pay off his 20-year credit in just six years.As a result, he is in debt of over $85 million in fixed monthly installments $964,942, so in the end the person will pay back a total of $231,586,080, resulting in a payment of 2.7 times the total value of the home.

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With the reduction, the person has now struggled to be able to pay the monthly installments, experts say $1,689,583, so six years and three months. In this way, the final payment was 128,408,308 million dollars, saving 103,177,772 million dollars.

He concluded by saying that it works for a percentage of 10% and for UVR credits, mortgages, leases, and more. Also, any type of housing.

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