Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon May Leave US for UK Before Paparazzi Grupo Milenio

Ozzy Osbourne, The legendary singer of the rock band Black Sabbath has become the subject of sensational magazines due to his deteriorating health; recently, photos taken outside his home in Los Angeles have made him the talk of the rock world.

Now, ‘s familydark prince‘Analysis of his possible self-exile Escape the United States and return to your native UK paparazzi.

Ozzy Osbourne was photographed by paparazzi in Los Angeles. / special

One of the promotions The Osbourne Show ReturnsIn podcast form, Sharon’s intentions for peace at home in Birmingham are revealed, following a five-year break.

“Have you ever considered returning to England?” he asked. Jackthe youngest son of the dynasty, at least Ozzy and Sharon’s Marriage.

“We’ve been planning it for the last four years,” Oz replied.

“Here’s what I learned: You can’t plan anything. I just felt like I’m going home and I’m going to give your dad a chance to live a life where he’s not being photographed going in and out of the house.” No headlines in the office Saying “That’s killing me. I don’t want that, I don’t want that every week.”

Ozzy joked: “I do”

Sharon assured that calm would be much greater in the UK than in the US, especially in Los Angeles, where there is aggressive activity. paparazzi.

“I hope he has some dignity (Oz), a life, and I think we have that more in England than here.”

family Osborne came to Los Angeles in the 1990s.but their appeal grew stronger in the early 2000s when MTV asked them to create a reality show “The Osbournes,” which had four successful seasons, has been relaunched as a podcast.

The Osbournes: Kelly, Ozzy, Sharon and Jack. /Twitter @OzzyOsbourne

What happened to Ozzy Osbourne?

Ozzy Osbourne, Originally from BirminghamIn recent years, England has suffered serious health problems due to a range of natural and other predisposing factors.

his alcohol and drug abuse For more than three decades, it has left serious consequences.From these addictive characters mad Menhe performed unusual actions, such as he decapitated a pigeon or bit a bat.

During the recording of The Osbournes in December 2003, Ozzy played motorcycle stunts he had an accident This left him with a few Fractures: collarbone, 8 ribs, cervical vertebrae.

Ozzy Osbourne on Howard Stern’s SiriusXX show. /Twitter @OzzyOsbourne

exist In 2017, he fell again, aggravating an old back injury.exist Suffered severe pneumonia in 2019 This resulted in the cancellation of the No More Tours II tour.

Research shows that during hospitalization Ozzy has Parkinson’s disease.

In 2023, it again had to suspend participation Power Travel Festival, where he would alternate gigs with legendary metal bands such as Metallica, ACDC, Iron Maiden, Guns ‘N Roses, and Tool. At Ozzy’s request, he was replaced by Judas Priest, who promised:

“Unfortunately, my body is telling me I’m not ready…”

He recently announced he was canceling a tour and would subsequently retire from the stage due to ill health.

‘The Osbournes’ Premiere

A new chapter in podcasting oriented strand boardUrnes, Oz, SalGo ahead, Jack and Kelly Premiering on September 12 next yearand on YouTube.

The Osbournes: Kelly, Ozzy, Sharon and Jack. /Twitter @OzzyOsbourne


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