Ozzy Osbourne is reborn from its ashes



Although on this occasion it has had to be their son Jack who report in place of the progress that has been going on in their tedious way toward total recovery, it is certain that the veteran Ozzy Osbourne was found in these moments better than ever -or at least with more energy and vitality that over the last year-to the point of having regained both his sharp sense of humor like that “cynicism” that, in the judgment of their offspring, it is clearly indicative of their return to normalcy.”

Is phenomenal, much better, yes. Has turned out to be just as cynical as always. It is a good signal when not to whine about the most mundane things of life, that means you’re okay. You can say that it is okay when it is irritated because everything on television is a wed** or when the house is in a shambles. Through a great moment,” he joked Jack Osbourne in conversation with People magazine.

The peace of mind that comes to display Jack to the time to speak out about the ordeal that has lived its famous parent in recent times, who in addition to suffering a deep cut in his hand during rehearsals for a concert -which required a surgical intervention of emergency – also had to battle this winter against pneumonia, contrasts sharply with the concern that showed the wife of the artist, Sharon, to the beginning of the month to provide more details in their social networks about the ostentatious and ill-timed fall that Ozzy suffered in his home.

“I don’t even know where to begin… At the beginning of this year contracted the flu, this resulted in bronchitis and in the end he had pneumonia. And when it finally came out of the hospital to return home, goes and suffers a domestic accident of the bad guys. She fell, fell in the middle of the night. Worst of all is that a few years ago suffered a motorcycle accident and was in a coma for several days, so it has been re-injure the back, shoulders and neck. We’re going to have to cancel all the events of the rest of the year. But it is not bad at all, it is well,” explained the matriarch of the Osbourne.