Pablo Moctezuma Explodes and Declares: “Alejandra Guzmán Was Giving Rivotril to Frida Sofía When She Was Three Months Old”

Alejandra Guzman

The father of the young singer assured that he is not a puncher and that his fight with “the queen of rock” was because he saw what he was doing with his daughter

On Monday, April 19, Alejandra Guzmán gave an interview to Adela Micha, and among other things, she assured that Pablo Moctezuma, -father of her daughter Frida Sofía – beat her, this being the reason for their separation more than 29 years ago. In response, the businessman did not remain silent and responded to these accusations on the television program “De Primera mano”, hosted by Gustavo Adolfo Infante.


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At all times, Moctezuma denied being a beater: “I did not hit her … I defended myself against her … this woman has two beers and beats anyone … the only time she says it was the big beating … is because Alejandra … was giving Rivotril to Frida, three months old, drunk, and I said, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? You’re crazy, you’re giving him a medicine where it says here for adults over 18 years old ”.

According to Pablo, this unleashed the fury of the queen of rock“I snatched it from her, she hit me with a belt in the face, like that, rocker, with spikes, and that’s where the fight began… it’s not going that way, this nonsense that Alejandra says… It makes me sad to see her there. It was funny when I was 25 years old, 22 years old, now I see her like that with a strange face and speaking like that, it is no longer funny. And very sad that you don’t give your daughter the benefit of the doubt” Moctezuma also stated that “there is not a single couple that (Alejandra) has had that has not hit, stabbed, bit, assaulted or insulted. Period ”.


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