Pachter: Sony “be aware that there is a market outside of the console” – horizon: Zero Dawn


Yesterday, we reported that Sony finally confirmed all the rumors and release the title horizon: Zero Dawn exclusively for the Playstation to the PC. But, the President of Sony Worldwide Studios (previously the boss of Guerilla Games) Hermen Hulst took advantage of the opportunity to explain that the “issued a AAA-means exclusive to the PC, all other games will be released for PC as well.”

GamingBolt is trying to ask, to analysts, video game venerable Michael Pachter about his opinion on the new strategy of Sony, and he said that this is a response to Sony against Microsoft-the way of the expansion of its market outside of the console.

“I think, to encourage the position of Microsoft and Sony to come as well.”

Playstation 4 is already around 110 million units sold, but the market for games is of course much bigger than that. Pachter adds:

“I think that Sony hopes that the PlayStation fans continue to buy consoles and their exclusive games, but also realize that there is a market outside of the software sales of the console.”

The last question we ask, Pachter is whether this means the beginning of the end of the concept of the exclusivity of the console. He replied:

“Yes, I think an exclusive title, the third party can be more difficult, but I think you will also acquire continues to be to strengthen power, the production of one’s own.”

What is your opinion about the new strategy, Sony released an exclusive title for the PlayStation for the PC also?

Horizon: Zero Dawn

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