Package cheap Internet Telkomsel Kuota 1 GB Only Rp 3000, specifically Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

206 – Telkomsel provide package cheap internet to its customers through the program “level of Calmness”.

Package internet murah Telkomsel enables its customers to buy a special quota only your Youtube, Facebook or instagram only.

Launch of the official website of Telkomsel, internet package consists of several options, the active time (daily to weekly).

The following is a list of options of the package :

1. The ratio of Composure Youtube 1 GB 1 day = Usd 3000, the price is the same for instagram and facebook

2. The ratio of Composure Youtube 1 GB 3 days = Rp 5000, the price is also the same for instagram and facebook

3. You can find more information here: LINK

Package Quota the rest can be taken throughout the day for 24 hours.

Maximum buying the same package five times in a period of the active period, starting from the activation of the first packet.

The price for the package Quota of rest in order to adjust the Position, where the activation of the package.