Package Quota Serenity, Access To Social Media So Much Every Day


PEKANBARU, HARIANHALUAN.COM — The Internet is one of the most important needs of society in the digital age, including access to social media has become a habit. To meet this requirement, Telkomsel offers a package of the ratio of the rest with prices starting from Rp2.500 was determined in accordance with the zone.

Quota package of joy is activated, subscribers may be daily to weekly. General Manager, Consumer Sales Region Sumbagteng Telkomsel Mulyadi, Indra said, the habit of social media access occurs in almost all people, especially young people, to overcome this, we need a package from the rate of the rest with very reasonable prices, where the customer can access to Youtube or Facebook or Instagram, how much every day.

Quota package, the rest is a quota of internet access-the latest from Telkomsel, which can be used to access Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Package Quota, the rest consumed by the customers throughout the day, for 24 hours, wherein the maximum purchase-the same package as many as five times in a period of active time since the activation of the first packet.

“The package from the rate of the Serenity that was purchased, not valid with other internet packages,” said Mulyadi, Indra.

Quota package, the Serenity comes with a choice of a rate of up to 3 GB which can be purchased by the customer through the application MyTelkomsel, GraPARI outlets, or UMB *363#. Package quota Serenity is divided into 3 options, namely the rate of the rest Facebook, the rate of the rest Instagram, and the odds of Serenity Youtube.

Customers can choose from a variety of packages to suit your needs each. The package can be used directly after receiving the activation SMS from Telkomsel. This package is only for prepaid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, LOOP) for domestic use. Complete info package related to the rate of the rest can be obtained via the official website

“We hope that with the presence of the packet rate of the Serenity that it can give the satisfaction of customers on social media Mulyadi said free every day with the best network of Telkomsel”,. (*)