Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, kept a low profile as his model girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti, 25, showed off an eye-catching blue vinyl dress at Richie Akiva’s Paris party.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his new model girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti were spotted spending the evening together in Paris on Thursday. The 48-year-old Oscar winner stuck to his now standard all-black suit as he tried to go unnoticed while arriving at a party thrown by nightclub owner Richie Akiva. Vittoria arrived with a completely different purpose: she … Read more

Bizarrap. Justin Bieber May Appear in Session 57; made outside Grupo Milenio

Argentine producer Bizarrap was presented with a short film of 9 minutes, culminating in the announcement of his session number 57. In social circles, he expected a collaboration other than pop star Justin Bieber, which ended up trending the work. with great Latin American talent. Bizarrap gained top spots on the popular lists thanks to … Read more

Coronavirus, flu and cold infections surge

Covid test/@EP last Wednesday, World Health Organization (WHO) Admissions to intensive care units (ICUs) with Covid-19 increased last month, particularly in European and American countries, the warning said. At the same time, he lamented that vaccination levels remained alarmingly low, stressing that only two-thirds of the world’s population had completed the first round of vaccination, … Read more

Discover the magic of film festivals

I’ve loved the idea of ​​film festivals ever since I moved to Northern California in the fall of 1981 and—while applying for a job in downtown Mill Valley—saw a stack of programs for the upcoming Mill Valley Film Festival. What is now a world-famous 10-day cinematic spectacle was then celebrating its sixth year and was … Read more

Keir Starmer denies ‘attack’ on private schools as plans to charge VAT on tuition fees

Private schools have criticized Sir Keir Starmer’s policies (Jacob King/PA) (PA Wire) Sir Keir Starmer insists he is not making an “attack” on private schools as he plans to introduce VAT on tuition fees if he wins the election. The Labor leader said he was “very pleased” with the institutions as they criticized him over … Read more

More than 66,800 doses of flu vaccine administered

Next Tuesday, October 3, the vaccination campaign against influenza and covid-19 will begin for people in institutions, specifically in San Antonio de Padua, Hojar San José, San Antonio, Noviciado and La Fuen Special residential area. As José Antonio Rubio, territorial representative of the Junta of Castile and León, explained yesterday, this activity will be carried … Read more

Denny Hamlin has nothing but praise for Michael Jordan as owner, despite ‘his aura’ failing miserably with Hornets

Modified at 05:40 GMT on September 29, 2023 Michael Jordan’s tenure as owner of the Charlotte Hornets has been pretty dismal, but his ownership role with NASCAR racing team 23XI alongside racing veteran Denny Hamlin has drawn high praise from the latter. Hamlin drives for Joe Gibbs Racing, but also co-owns the 23XI with the … Read more

Kevin Hart’s Gold Minds Podcast Presents Thrilling Episode With Carmelo Anthony

Conversations Published in September 28, 2023 | Dr. Jerry Dobie In an exciting episode Gold Minds Podcast visiting the unique Kevin HartListeners can expect fascinating conversations with NBA greats. Carmelo Anthony this can’t be missed. Recorded on a famous SiriusXM Miami studios, this latest installment offers a fascinating look into the worlds of two influential … Read more