Italodisco is on the first radio

Colors takes the ranking of the most played songs on radio with Italodisco ahead of Paza Musica by Mengoni and Elodie and Disco Paradise by Fedez, Analisa and Article 31. Catchphrase race in radio, this week The Colors has wonOutsider despite past as hitmaker of the season. Stash and his companions are, in fact, with … Read more

Ben Howard – is this it? – Buy Album

Two years later collection from whiteoutAward winning British singer-songwriter ben howard come back with it is?A record that changes course compared to earlier works, characterized by an acoustic, warm and at the same time melancholic songwriting, although continuing along the lines of the aforementioned Test, born in collaboration with Aaron Dessner and his team. Fifth … Read more

Dimezzo’s debut album “Alcatraz” comes out

“Alcatraz” is the title of the debut album by Modenese singer-songwriter Mariana De Mezzo aka “”.Middle“, on all digital platforms today. As she herself declared, “Obviously I didn’t choose this title by chance, in fact already listening throughout the album you can see a constant call for freedom, wanting to feel free from a prison, … Read more

More confirmation on Carlito’s return

Yesterday, we reported that according to Dave Meltzer, Carlito recently canceled an indies date in Canada for Devon Nicholson’s promotion Great North Wrestling, saying he has made amends with WWE, “He (Carlito) had an independent show in Canada for Devon Nicholson on July 15th, and he asked him to cancel and said he signed with … Read more

4 easy ways to match shirt and trouser

shirt and pants This is one of those combinations that is unlikely to get out of balance. These two clothes together give life looks androgynous and elegant, but also simple and casual, sporty and dynamic, depending on how we interpret them. This stolen match from the men’s wardrobe gives us endless possibilities for variations. Here … Read more