Paige Spiranac lives out a fantasy inspired by Tom Cruise and his Top Gun movies

Paige Spiranak Continuing to delight his fans and now having published two postcards, it can be said that he has fulfilled one of his inspired fantasies exist Tom Cruise and his movie dand “Top Gun.”

Via her official Instagram account, the world’s sexiest golfer posted two photos in which she wears an outfit inspired by ‘Top Gun’ He held the pilot’s helmet in his hand.

There’s no doubt that Paige Spiranac looked stunning in her Air Force outfit that showed off her cleavage and tiny waist, and it fit her perfectly.

Paige Spiranac becomes a pilot


“All systems on! I’m always on the go and rely on @jetfuelenergyusa to get me through my busy days. “We all need motivation! ” he wrote. Peggy Spiranak.

The publication has garnered more than 52,000 likes but only about 1,000 comments from fans, who are full of praise for her.

Paige Spiranac promotes an energy drink


Why is Peggy Spiranac wearing a “Top Gun” style outfit?

Paige Spiranak She was inspired to put on this dress by ‘Top Gun’ Because it promotes an energy drink called “Jet Fuel.” Additionally, she posted a second photo on her Instagram Story, in which she is facing the center while wearing a pilot helmet.

Paige Spiranak


Paige Spiranak She has become quite an influencer as she shares photos and videos from different fields, but most of them are about golf as this sport is her biggest passion.

Paige Spiranac: Why isn’t she a professional golfer?

A few weeks ago, Paige Spiranac took to her Instagram Stories to explain her introduction to golf and commented on why she didn’t become a professional golfer.

“Let’s go back to 2015. As a college golfer at SDSU, I started sharing golf videos and pictures. I wore unusual golf attire because I always felt comfortable and tried to show a different side of the game. I Paige Spiranac grew up playing golf in Munis, where she said the dress code wasn’t “that strict.” She said her attire was something that affected her golf career, but she wouldn’t change it .

“Everything changed in July 2015. An article about me went viral. Overnight, my followers grew from 500 to nearly 100,000,” he commented.

Paige Spiranac shares her golf training outfit with her fans

After this happens, Paige Spiranak He promises that he will not regret wearing very bold clothes, because at this time he can give advice on his golf social network.

“There are only two ways to do it right now: play professional golf or get outdoors. I always feel like people try to pigeonhole me. But I want to make digital content and give golfing advice. I get a lot of shit, but I still get it, but it’s worth it The focus is on how golf progresses and develops,” he said.

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