Pain Hustlers, Emily Blunt and Chris Evans in the opening footage of the film

Emily Blunt and Chris Evans work for a pharmaceutical company in the opening footage of the soon-to-be-released Netflix crime drama ‘Servants of Pain’.

Pain hijackers a spear Emily Blunt AND Chris Evans in the pharmaceutical industry. Director David Yatesa name now associated with success Harry Potter on the big screen (he directed the last films of the main saga and three Fantastic Beasts spin-offs), the Netflix film revealed first official imagesthus introducing the main characters. Inspired by a book by Evan Hughes published in 2022 titled Pain Thieves: Crime and Punishment at an Opioid StartupThe film tells the story of a woman who is willing to do anything to take care of her daughter.

Pain Hustlers, Emily Blunt and Chris Evans in the first frames of the crime drama

Chris Evans plays Pete BrennerSales Representative Zanna Therapeuticswhile Emily Blunt plays Lisa Drake, a business-savvy single mother trying to make her way into working life and taking a job with a drug company in question that sells painkillers. David Yates talks about the film electronic warfare ahead of the film’s screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, how he approached making this project, given the work behind it:

I spent so much time in green screen studios creating these huge spaces and these crazy creatures. So for me it was really a return to my roots. This is a return. There were no visual effects in this story. The beauty of “Pain Hustler” for me is that it goes back to those roots where the most emotional moment in a scene is an actual moment between two actors, not a big special effect. It was a welcome return to what I was doing long before I entered the world of Harry Potter.

There plot Pain Hustlers sees Lisa doing her best to find a job that will support her daughter, so she takes over a failed pharmaceutical startup and soon becomes embroiled in a criminal conspiracy. The director spoke about his character electronic warfare What prompted Emily Blunt to this role:

Emily liked the character and the idea of ​​this story. I think what attracted her the most was that we didn’t approach the story in a straight forward way. It’s a little subversive, a little mean and had a little bit of humour. He said, “You know what, David? I’m so tired of seeing female protagonists having to be so honest and direct.” What he liked about Lisa is that sometimes she’s a bit hesitant to fulfill the terms of the deal and fulfill her ambitions, and she gets into all the rollercoasters. And I think what we both like about this character is that Lisa is ultimately fallible and sort of gets lost in the moral maze of it all. And I think Emily was happy to create this character, so that the audience would see a woman who can make mistakes, be guilty and take responsibility for her actions.

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