Palace and McDonald’s collaboration is a reality

These are days of great excitement for brand lovers. castle. Everyone who follows the social accounts of the streetwear brand and McDonald’sin fact, they must have come across not-too-subliminal messages hinting that something was boiling in the pot.

It must be said that Palace, with its playful and captivating descriptions used to describe each product of its online store, over the years has become one of the most fruitful brands in terms of cooperation with a wide variety of sectors, which, however, lacked such an attitude. To food. A topic that, however, does not affect McDonald’s, which has accumulated partnerships with Travis Scott, CLUTTER AND Flea market cactiJust to name a few.

It all started a few days ago when video teasers showed a clip showing the main appearances of the brand with a big yellow M in TV shows and movies. At the same time, a giant appeared in the real world in Times Square. billboard, containing the typical descriptions that Palace offers of its products, on its website, which names the most famous fast food chain in the world. And if two pieces of evidence back it up, I’d say we’re there.

Subsequently, the first images of what will be there capsule collections leaked to the network, making public T-shirts and sweatshirts, which highlights the typical styles of both brands. The iconic Golden Arches appear for the American giant. On the other hand, the analogue designed by Palace differs not only in letters, but also in iconic and captivating descriptions. A total of 15 items are presented, which also include a gold ring studded with small rubies, the only accessory in the line.

Launch the collection and initiative”As shown in“or rather food with menu items seen in the mainstream world of movies and TV shows, Palace and McDonald’s have created an exclusive landing page, accessible through a unique code present on the packaging Chicken McNuggetsand is available in over 1,000 stores in England and worldwide from today, 16 August.

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