Palasiet Adds Enderlogie® to Its Treatment Catalog

Palasiet Adds Enderlogie® to Its Treatment Catalog

Winner of the prestigious European Travel Awards 2023, Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel has been named Europe’s Best Wellness Tourism Center featuring cutting-edge technology from Enderologie®. This revolutionary mechanical stimulation technology has become the perfect ally in addressing different aesthetic and health concerns, offering guests a unique experience in improving their appearance and overall wellbeing.

Efficacy of Enderlogie® in Aesthetic Medicine

Enderlogie® treatments are based on mechanical stimulation of skin cells, triggering deep biological responses such as the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These treatments are very effective in combating the signs of facial aging such as wrinkles, expression lines, sagging skin, eye bags and dark circles. From the first session, skin looks more radiant and revitalized for a healthier appearance.

Palasiet’s latest technology

Dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons find Enderlogie® the perfect added value for their procedures. These treatments prepare the skin to be more receptive to interventions such as mesotherapy, peels, and filler injections. Additionally, they can ease the surgical procedure and improve postoperative healing by draining edema and reducing scarring. Skin health is strengthened, thus limiting the risk of complications. In addition, a maintenance course ensures a long-lasting and pleasing final aesthetic result.

Enderlogie®: Treating Muscle Pain

Muscle pain from strenuous exercise can be a long-term discomfort. To combat this, Enderologie® courses have proven to be very effective. One study showed that these sessions significantly boosted muscle recovery by limiting the appearance of edema and reducing contraction pain. Athletes rely on Enderlogie® courses to optimize their performance and speed post-exercise recovery.

Long-lasting results of Enderologie® for cellulite

Thanks to Enderlogie®, the fight against cellulite has changed. Studies have shown that these treatments have long-lasting and effective results in reducing cellulite. The beneficial effects of treatment can be maintained for up to six months. These treatments can be added as a maintenance treatment and can have surprising results on the appearance of the skin.

Palasiet’s latest technology

Live the Palasiet Experience with Enderlogie®!

At Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel you will enjoy a unique experience combining wellbeing and health in an idyllic setting facing the Mediterranean Sea. Learn about the power of Enderlogie® and how these treatments are revolutionizing aesthetic medicine, muscle pain and cellulite treatment.

Aerial view of Palasiet Thalasso clinic and hotel

Contact Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel for more information and to book a personalized experience with Enderologie®. Please call +34 964 300 250 or email Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the incredible benefits of Enderlogie® in the luxurious and healthy environment of Palasiet, Benicassim.

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