Palermo revealed that he called Riquelme: what he asked him and the advice he gave Luis Vázquez before the possible arrival of Benedetto

Aldosivi’s coach contacted Riquelme to ask for Boca players

I was partners in Mouth and together they wrote the most glorious stage of the Xeneize. However, their relationship was never good. The idols of the Buenos Aires team formed an extraordinary society on the pitch, but off the pitch their bond was not close at all.

Beyond what happened in the past, Martin Palermo, current coach of Aldosivi de Mar del Plata, revealed that he called Juan roman riquelme, who serves as vice president of the rivera club, to ask players “on loan” for the Professional League Cup (LPF).

“I called Roman just last week, he hadn’t spoken before. I know what is the right time to ask a player. I’m interested in some, I hope they’re interested in coming and that we can agree,” said the former striker in an interview given to the sports signal TyC Sports.

Here they have a place to compete and continue to grow. It is a help for us in the formation of the squad as well as for the future of the Boca player ”, continued the DT of the Shark. The former striker shared much of his career with Riquelme at Xeneize and together they twice conquered the Libertadores Cup and one the Intercontinental Cup, among other titles, although their relationship was never the best in the locker room.

In any case, the response from the leader from Boca was positive: “He told me that there was no problem, that he would lend them to me. But you also have to see if they want to come. You know the extent of what you can ask for. Perhaps some relegated from the first team. We know that the training of a Boca player is different. I think there are footballers who can come and contribute interesting things to Aldosivi”.

The footballers who are of interest in the coaching staff of the whole of the seaside resort are the goalkeeper Agustin Lastra and the side Eros Mancuso. So far they got to the club Marcelo Meli, Tomás Martínez, Santiago Silva, Matías Pisano, Patricio Boolsen and Edwin Mosquera

The issue of contracts in dollars and pesos is very complex. I really appreciate what Aldosivi is doing. It is an important effort to satisfy the needs of the squad and the ambitions that I propose”, pondered the strategist.

Due to his experience as the top gunner in Argentine soccer, the Titan also left the promising player some advice Luis Vazquez before the possible arrival of Darius Benedetto to the team he leads Sebastian Battaglia. “You have to keep fighting for that place. If he already had it at one point, he will fight Darío on a daily basis. Perhaps the experience, Darío’s past in Boca, obviously leads him to have greater competition for him, but I would not take it as ah, bring me another striker. Nerd. Bring whoever you want, I’m going to show that I can be Boca’s number 9. That’s the mindset he has to have.”

You don’t have to feel inferior to Benedetto, he is trained to be Boca’s 9 and must train every day so that, at some point, he will have that opportunity again. Football always ends when opportunities come back at a certain moment. You have to be prepared, if you are not prepared, then you already lost your option. He has to be aware of that, that what he has shown in this time implies that he is a player who can give Boca much more for a long time to come and who will make the leap to go to Europe, because today goals are not achieved in everywhere,” he concluded.


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