Palermo, the audience invades the stage during the concert and Joliet leaves.

Time for three songs. The concert of Emanuele Palumbo, a native of Joliet, at the Cantiericulturali della Zisa, where he was supposed to perform as part of the Green Pop Festival review, lasted a long time. The event, which was expected by many in the Sicilian capital, however, was suspended after just twenty minutes.

From the very beginning, the Campania rapper showed signs of frustration when he was forced to intervene in a fight with some fans who were disrespectful from the back of those who had been queuing in the morning to get the best seats. Then the most critical moment, when a group of spectators decided to take the stage, between pushing and throwing bottles during the artist’s performance, which made it impossible to continue the performance.

Noting that the concert could not be completed, Geolier decided to leave the stage prematurely, to the cries of much of the audience, who had waited for hours in the sun to watch the show. There were also many protests against the poor management of the event, which proved inadequate to manage fan enthusiasm.

After an unsuccessful adventure, the artist apologized on the social network. “I am sorry that I had to interrupt today’s concert in Palermo,” he writes in his Instagram post, “but, unfortunately, this happened due to reasons beyond my control, as well as for reasons of public order and security. I give a big hug to all my fans in Palermo, I’m sure we’ll see each other again very soon.”

Photo: Living Sicily

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