Paloma Cuevas uploads a special image to social networks

Luis Miguel has finally enjoyed his trip to Chile and has had a lot to say in recent days due to his health. The singer, who suffers from bronchitis, looked a little lower in the concert than in the previous concerts, and his cough also exposed his identity, which particularly attracted the attention of fans… However, he still looks like a great singer on stage shines like the singer. . New lover Paloma Cuevas didn’t want to miss the opportunity to support her partner on social media, and this Friday she posted a picture of herself alone with a big smile and a very special detail… in the story In it I added the song “SonrĂ­e” by Luis Miguel. The theme could give the artist a hint that despite the rough times he has to go through this week, he is still smiling as usual. The singer had been preparing for this tour for a long time and was so eager to be on the Chilean stage that he did not want to postpone any concerts despite his failing health. Regardless of what happened, on social networks, we can see how the audience cheered and supported him from the time he took the stage until he left. There is no doubt that Luis Miguel is still great, and his partner is with him at the bottom of the canyon.

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