Pamela Anderson her indecent proposal to Donald Trump, just before the end of his mandate …


This January 15, Pamela Anderson again asked Donald Trump to pardon his friend, Julian Assange, before leaving the White House.

It remains only a few days for Donald Trump to exercise its powers as a US President. And Pamela Anderson hopes he will use them to pardon her friend, Julian Assange … The founder of Wikileaks is currently in jail in London, who refuses to extradite him to the United States, where he faces a prison sentence of one hundred and seventy-five years, for obtaining and publishing secret US government documents in 2010, as well as for hacking.

What if Donald Trump pardoned Julian Assange?

After a first call, shared last December, where she posed in a bikini on social networks, the actress of Alert in Malibu, told Fox News on January 15 that it would be “a bold move on the part of President Trump “to give Julian Assange a pardon. In her request, Adil Rami’s ex-girlfriend assured: “This is an urgent matter for many people around the world who care about freedom of expression.”

For her, “despite all the negative things” on Donald Trump’s record, he “changed the game and broke the mold,” she said. This decision would be “a shining light on what the freedom should be that would encourage a whole generation of activists to continue doing important work and not to be silenced” hopes Pamela Anderson.

The chances are slim

And for the moment, she is not going to win … Pamela Anderson knows the president well, however, for having accepted to make the extras on her birthday, in 2005. For 500 dollars, the blonde has indeed attended her 59 years at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

In November 2018, she told 60 Minutes Australia about him: “I got paid to be there. He was with his wife, I don’t know which one, but there was nothing special. C ‘was just for an appearance “. She then called Donald Trump a “narcissistic pervert who only cares about money and fame”. Ouch.