Pandemic Corona, Iphone 12 Threatened Release Next Year

182, CUPERTINO – The technology giants of the United States, Apple seems to back the launch schedule Flagship his latest, the Iphone 12. It was assumed, was launched in November of this year, the launch of the Iphone 12, allegedly, could be delayed until next year.

If this prediction is correct, then there will be no new Iphone this year. So, ahun this is the only year will start, in the last 12 years, in which Apple smartphone.

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Reported by SoftpediaOn Wednesday (25/3/202), while the Apple has confirmed that the Iphone could arrive in 12 slower than usual. The worst-case scenario, the new model can be launched in 2021.

A report from the blog of the Japanese Nikkei showed that Apple is concerned about the risk of infection can really affect the sales of the new Iphone. For companies, this would be a tragedy, but the device is expected to support the first Iphone in history to 5G.

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“The limitations of the supply chain, Apple is concerned that the present situation will worsen significantly improve the taste of the consumer of your phone, which can lead to the weak reception of the Iphone 5G first. You need to ?5G Iphone? the first will be affected,” said a source with knowledge of the matter.

Before the pandemic, informed virus corona Apple could do to encourage that is unprecedented. The company is expected to delay the release of the three Iphone models 12.

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According to new reports from Asia, Apple is currently be prepared for delays due to a global pandemic COVID-19 global demand threatens and disorders in the development schedule of the product.

Apple supposedly kept, internal discussions about the possibility of the delay of the market introduction of the Iphone for 12 months.