Panini Comics: Appointments with DC Pride and Marvel Pride coincide with Pride Month

rainbow flags wave and the gates open pride monthCommunity Month lgbtkia+ Which celebrates its inclusivity around the world. Every year in June, starting with the Stonewall riots in 1969, the LGBTQIA+ community marches to assert their rights, to affirm their identity and uniqueness, and to declare their right to the freedom to be themselves, without discrimination of any kind. performs for. This year too, sandwich comics renew appointment with queer anthology Miracle And EddyTwo collections of stories celebrating the LGBTQIA+ identity of the superhero universe.

It’s already available in bookstores, comic shops and on dc pride 2023A rich anthology volume in which the DC Universe once again reaffirms its focus on characters lgbtkia+, is ready to give the reader an engaging adventure that talks about love and acceptance. This time, a new generation of superheroes takes center stage: Superman’s son. John Kentthird robin Tim Drakeentrepreneur green lantern Joe Mullin and tireless baby early, In addition, the touching autobiographical story of the American actor is also included in Vol. Kevin Conroy (disappeared in 2022), which explores her relationship with batman, a character he lent his voice to for a long time. DC Pride 2023 anthology includes more than ten stories from writers and artists Meghan Fitzmartin, Devin Grayson, Stephanie Phillips, travis g moore, tiny howard and by Italian cartoonists Julius McKane And Enrica Arren Angiolini,

Price: €25.00
Pages: 192
Binding: Hardcover
Format: 17X26 cm
Interior: Color
Distribution: Bookstores, Comic Shops, Online

marvel pride 2023 Instead it’s a new anthology that celebrates the richness of diversity in the Marvel Universe. Let us start from the heart of this precious collection wakanda And we reach the farthest galaxies, focusing on characters loved by the masses, including the new golden couple Hercules And noh-war, Moon Dragon And Union-Vell, Also, thanks for the “little” help bottle gourd also has a reunion young avengersthen the royal couple’s adventure Hulkling And Wiccanwith great guests like Spider Man Hey Guardians of the Galaxy, a special clause, such as one signed by the authors Christopher Cantwell ,iron Man, lucas werneck ,immortal x-men) and novelist Charlie Jane Anders ,all the birds in the sky) debut at Marvel with a new mutant with bizarre power: Getaway,


Release: June 15
Price: €18.00
Pages: 112
Binding: Hardcover
Format: 17×26 cm
Interior: Color
Distribution: Bookstores, Comic Shops, Online

Don’t miss two offers to celebrate Pride Month in the best possible way with your favorite characters!

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