Pansardi will remain administrator for another three years

Rumors about his imminent departure have been haunting each other for several days, accompanied by the names of possible successors. This happened because his contract expired. Well: everything is refuted by the signature at the bottom of the extension of the three-year agreement.

This is administrator Giuseppe Antonio Panzardi, who, as his autograph confirms, will remain on the bench in Via de Castagnoli to run the public and non-public schools of the capital.

The rumors were confirmed by an appeal filed at the end of July, or rather on the 28th, by the Regional School Administration (OSR). From a bureaucratic point of view, a poll is a mechanism used by the public administration to find internal candidates for a vacant position. In fact, manager Panzardi’s three-year contract was coming to an end. However, Pansardi’s official “confirmation” appeared yesterday, signed by SSR General Director Stefano Versari. Literally at the end of August, the school administration itself appointed regents, that is, directors who will be divided into two institutes. In the metropolitan area, this figure will affect several schools: General Education Institute 11, where Philomena Massaro (former director of IK 12) is returning; then Adele D’Angelo is in the general education institute Borgo Tosignano; in Malalbergo – Roberto Fiorini (Director of IIS Mattei) and finally in Cpia 3 (Cpia – Center for Adult Education) Montagna will be Elisabetta Morselli.


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