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to love beyond any identity or gender expressionCentering the unique individual: This is how pansexuality expresses itself as a sexual or romantic orientation.

Aleand pansexual peopleIn fact, They may feel attracted to someone of any gender, whether binary or non-binary, In this article, we will explain its definition in detail. pansexuality Clarifying the most common doubts and attempting to dispel the prejudices often associated with the world of polysexuality.

For the sake of explanatory convenience only, in the following paragraphs we will talk about sexual attraction and romantic attraction on the same level.However the two things are quite different: sexual attraction is associated with the libido and the erotic sphere, whereas romantic attraction involves the possibility of developing loving feelings towards another person.

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What is pansexuality and when was it defined?

The word pansexuality was formed starting with the prefix wokMeaning AllHeyshows attraction to persons of Everyone styles, Therefore, pansexual and panromantic people experience attraction to cisgender, transgender, agender, queer, or intersex people without the other person’s sexual identity affecting the potential relationship.

The origin of the term must be traced back to the beginnings of psychology. First used by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, whose theories placed a person’s sexual identity at the root of all their behavior. Sometime later, in 1977, psychologist Mario Mielli reworked Freud’s theories and came to the conclusion that a person was bornAnd how to be totally open to all stylesAnd some of these choices are selectively suppressed over the years based on a person’s education.

Currently the word pansexuality – and its less common synonyms pansexuality – experiencing rediscovery, thanks for that too Profound cultural changes that are rewriting concepts of sexuality and gender In a more informative and inclusive perspective.

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Difference Between Pansexuality and Bisexuality

It is still debated whether pansexuality can be defined as a sexual orientation in its own right or whether it should be considered part of the bisexual spectrum. In fact, given contemporary society’s interest in LGBTQIA issues, And this Classic the definition of bisexuality has become scarce and need to rewrite, especially in light of current awareness about gender identity and expression. in this article, Pansexuality would be treated as a sexual orientation in its own right,

Pansexuality and bisexuality both fall on a spectrum polysexualityRomantic or sexual attraction to more than one gender.

a few years ago the term was Bisexual This identified a person who was attracted to both male and female genders, in a perspective that ran along a binary axis in either case. Currently, thanks to greater inclusion towards transgender, transsexual or gay people, Word Bisexual refers to a broad spectrum within which a person can experience attraction more than one styleand not necessarily binary individuals, although the attraction tends not to Everyone current styles.

Difference Between Pansexuality and Afrosexuality

Different still is the case of abrosexuality, which consists of a fluid sexual orientation., Just as a person in fluid gender identity may identify as belonging to a different gender at different periods of their life, the sexual attraction experienced by a transgender person will be variable over time, remaining stable for a certain period of time and then fluctuating.

While a homosexual person may actually experience attraction to either gender throughout their lifetime, Afrosexuality is distinct from pansexuality because a pansexual person is open to accepting a person of any gender at any time. And it is not limited to the orientation in which it identifies itself in a given period of time.

To overcome pansexuality and prejudices

One of the cruelest prejudices towards pansexual individuals is that they must necessarily be promiscuous. by loose conduct. Beyond the definitions now lies a legacy of antiquated corporate schemes – in which many people are misjudged when they live their sexuality openly or in peace – The stigma stems from a misunderstanding of the definition of pansexuality.,

It is not as accurate to speak of sexual attraction towards any gender as it is to speak of gender-independent sexual attraction, Pansexual and panromantic people focus on the person and the possibility of a sexual or romantic relationship with them. what gender is itin a sense, a minor detail that doesn’t affect the potential for attraction or romantic feelings, In this sense, pansexuality can be defined as a form of love or attraction that is even more pure than others, where the essence of the bond is the basis of the relationship.

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flag of pansexuality

Formed in the early 2010s to give visibility to the pansexual community and differentiate it from the bisexual community, The pansexuality flag has three horizontal stripes of pink, yellow and blue., Pink represents female gender, blue represents male gender, and yellow represents transgender identity.

famous pansexual people

Many celebrities have come out as pansexual, often embracing LGBTQIA crusades in the hopes of building a more aware society.

one of the most famous pop stars Miley CyrusA former Disney Channel starlet who has now become a quirky icon.

Like her, Australian singer Siahas already engaged in a fight against the stigma on mental illness, who commented when her sentence was revealed: “It doesn’t matter what gender you are, I look for something else”,

There are other famous pansexual VIPs dear delevingne, Demi Lovato And Janelle Monaemore actresses Kristen Stewart And Megan Fox, among Italians, the case of valentina napi,

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pansexual fictional characters

Too The world of fiction is increasingly welcoming of pansexual and panromantic charactersEspecially in science-fiction and fantasy universes, where, in addition to various gender identities, there are also alien species and individuals belonging to humanoid subspecies such as elves, demons, and dwarves.

this definitely tops the list dead poolOne of the most beloved superheroes due to his unstoppable talking points, scathing sarcasm and penchant for breaking the fourth wall.

they also get the love of the public rose quartz In steven universe and foreign Rogers In American father. Too Rick Sanchezchief scientist of rick and morty He can be identified as pansexual, especially for his love affair with Unity, an omniscient being who holds within himself the identities of the entire planet’s inhabitants.

is another memorable pansexual character lando calrissian In star warsAhead jadzia dax And alim garak from the universe of star trekand captain Jack Harkness In am doctor And torchwood,

believed to be terrifying Hannibal Lecterfrom the TV series of the same name, was also pansexual as well frank underwood In card games and monsters crowley In lucky cue,

There’s no shortage of examples in the video games we’re referring to Finn In life is strange 2and characters Josephine Montilliet And iron bull In Dragon Age: Inquisition,

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