Paolla Oliveira was excited about the gig and she ends up showing off too much


Last Wednesday (the 27th), Paolla Oliveira you enjoyed the show, Hattusa Anitta Rio de Janeiro. With denim shorts, very short, the character of the The World he decided to show her panties that she wore, but excited, it ended up showing too much when you lift a piece of clothing.

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Paolla Oliveira

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Shows in part the top and leave you exposed to the lower, Paolla Oliveira he received a variety of compliments, on Instagram, a social network, where you compartihou in the image. In addition to enjoying the show Hattusa Anitta recently, actress The World also, “like” the carnival is in command of the para as the Queen of the drums of the Great river, which he won by finishing runner-up to the year 2020.

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The position of a Samba school in the carnival Paolla Oliveira he showed the enthusiasm and appreciation on the web. “Very, very, very excited. The victories not only with the title, but with Lust, with love, with love. You go back to the Rio Grande! In a year that was so powerful, so beautiful, and such an important message, the theme of the carnival from the year 2020, it was really something special.”

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