Paolo and Me: An Intimate Portrait of the Borsellino Family

On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the Via d’Amelio massacre, an intimate portrait of the Borsellino family is revealed through the short film “Io e Paolo”. The opera, directed by director Lorenzo Muscoso and produced by Dreamworld Pictures, focuses on the various relationships between the brothers, and in particular, what was the relationship between Paul and the Saviour. The video was made during the month of May, the period when Salvatore was the protagonist of an important event against the Mafia in Milan, and in which he was seen as a hero in front of hundreds of students. Learners who actively contributed to the subject by producing nearly 100 audiovisual specials dedicated to many personalities, from Pl├ícido Rizzo to Francesca Morvillo, who sacrificed her life in the name of legality.

Brief moments of dialogue alternate with universal images, making those feelings – which appeared during the meeting – identical to each of us. A touching story that traces the past of the Borsellino family in Palermo, their experiences in the Calasa district, and the life choices that led the brothers to walk away. There is also a memory of Rita and Adele, the sisters of the murdered magistrate, who kept Paolo’s memory alive. The following days reconstruct what was the dramatic moment of the attack and how the family reacted to all that brutality. Finally, moments of great tenderness are those addressed by Salvatore to his mother, a central figure in his personal fulfillment and decisive in maintaining the commitment to fight in the name of justice and truth, which unfortunately are still lacking today.

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