Paolo Sorrentino and hugging Robert De Niro on set in Naples

The world of cinema is made up of personalities who have made history in the industry, and among them are actors and directors who, during their careers, have become famous all over the world for their work. Many directors and actors have also been awarded by the gods. Academy Awards for their directing and roles in films that remain in the memory of everyone even after so many years after their debut in theaters. Among them are Robert DeNirowho in recent days was in Italy, namely in Naples, where he visited, just to say hello, with Paolo Sorrentino busy filming his next film.

Where will we see Robert De Niro again?

Actor Robert DeNiro he was twice awarded the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of the young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part 2 and with a Best Actor Award for his portrayal of Jake LaMotta in the film. wild bullwhere he gives life to the famous boxer. Soon we will see the actor again struggling with a new film job, where he will work alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Flower Moon Assassins which received nine minutes of applause at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was presented out of competition. The film will premiere in select theaters in the United States on October 6, 2023, before being released on October 20 of the same year, and in Italy it will be available in theaters from the 19th of the same month of the same year.

Paolo Sorrentino’s next engagement

If, on the one hand, we have an award-winning actor who is appreciated all over the world, then, on the other hand, we have an Italian director who has had the opportunity to make himself known in the world of cinema and international series. We are talking about Paolo Sorrentinowhich he led great beautyfilm that won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2014 Academy Awards. The director is also known for his other cinematic works such as Celebrity And It was the hand of Godbut he has also established himself in the world of serials with Young Pope AND New Pope. Although his cameo in the series Call my agent – Italy meant that the Italian public demanded the implementation Lady Papastarring Ivana Spagna, as is happening in the dedicated episode of the TV series broadcast on Sky, the director is currently working on a new film, which he is busy filming on a set near Naples.
The Italian director’s new film, which began filming last June, focuses on history. Partenope, a character named after his city, but who is not a mythological creature. The woman is a collection of all that she has experienced and that revolves around the lives of all those who were born and live in Naples and who have to deal with the passage of time. In the cast of the new Sorrentino film, we will find Stefania Sandrelli, Isabella Ferrari, Silvio Orlando, Silvia Degrandi, Alfonso Santagata, Lorenzo Gleijeses, Celeste Dalla Porta, Peppe Lanzetta, Luisa Ranieri.

Photo of Paolo Sorrentino and Robert De Niro hugging

In a frame posted on Instagram by Paolo Sorrentino (@paolosorrentino_real), we see the director hugging Robert De Niro, who decided to visit the director during his tour of the Neapolitan city. Sorrentino didn’t want to miss the moment by capturing their embrace in a photo. It should be noted that Robert De Niro only visited the director on the set, the Hollywood actor is not included in the cast of Sorrentino’s new film.

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