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Paparazzi exposes Selena Gómez: pale and even overweight, pregnancy, they say

Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez.

Photo: CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP / Getty Images

They say that Selena Gomez has gained weight. They say he doesn’t look happy. They say many things, but much of everything is pure speculation. Selena Gomez seems to be calm at the moment. Her makeup brand Rare Beauty is receiving good reviews and is also well received by the consuming public. Even makeup influencers endorse and approve of her, including: Rosy McMichael and Anna Sarelly.

However, a few hours ago a paparazzi exposed the singer and businesswoman. Some believe that the light did not favor her, in addition to that the clothes were too baggy, because she looked overweight, as well as pale and haggard. However, a later images does not look bad at all.

The images were captured in the City of Los Angeles. Previous days he was in New York.

From her passage in the city of skyscrapers there are photos of her in an orange dress. A beautiful piece with lace on the sides, which left a good part of her left leg exposed, but which was also somewhat fitted to the belly and there it bulged a bit. There are those who said that Selena Gomez was overweight, others even speak of pregnancy rumors.

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