Paramore, Hay Williams apologizes: ‘Obviously I’m getting old…’

Canceled shows in the midst of Paramore tour force Hayley Williams to apologize to fans

Hailey has no shortage of humor Williams, lead singer and founder of Paramore that in the middle of their North American tour they were forced to cancel four concerts precisely because of the illness of their singer.

Something more unique than rare for a band that has always placed a lot of importance on their live performances, putting a lot of emphasis on their live performances. But this time something went wrong…

Four concerts canceled

Decision to temporarily cancel the date in San Francisco last Saturday arrived just a few hours before the concert when all the tickets were sold out. Three upcoming shows in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City have also been cancelled. Even if the band’s producers immediately agreed to restore these shows, which should now be inserted at the end of the tour, thereby restoring all dates.

The unmistakable silhouette of Hayley Williams, the voice of Paramore – Credit ANSA (

But from tonight the band is back on stage. A concert scheduled in Tulsa is regularly confirmed. Hayley is much better. And he ended by commenting on what happened with a touch of self-irony: “We decided to postpone the dates of four concerts by mutual agreement and after listening to the opinion of the doctors. Hayley Williams explains it was just a matter of figuring out how long it would take me and to my great satisfaction I was told it would be a matter of a few days. Time to recuperate. I’m much better now… you can see I’m getting old.”

Paramore, Hayley Williams: “I’m not 16 anymore…”

The Paramore shows are completely extraordinary, it is a real explosion of vitality and energy.

At the center of the stage, of course, is always Hayley Williams, who, however, during this grueling tour, during which the group took the stage, also looked forward to the concerts of the colossal Era Tour Taylor Swift definitely went overboard. The problems were of a muscular nature: “I put all the adrenaline I had into every gig, perhaps giving it more than I needed to, without even considering that I was wasting a lot of energy and that very often I didn’t recover it. As long as I had nervous energy, everything was going well, but at some point my body billed and stopped.”

The doctors’ diagnosis was very simple, a form of exhaustion associated with overwork. Hailey had to stop and just slept for a couple of days, then she started to train a little and is now ready to return to the concert: “Honestly, I have always kept myself in shape, so much so that during this tour I even managed to gain muscle mass” – joked the singer.

Hailey explains why: “The truth is that touring when you’re 36 is a lot different than when you’re 16 and can’t wait to get out of the house and play live. Concerts and music have always been good for me. They have been my cure for relationships and emotional problems. This tour also brought a lot of benefits to my heart, I am very grateful for all the faces that I see in front of me even a few seconds after I start playing.”

Back on tour with Taylor Swift

In the meantime, it has been confirmed that Paramore will be the backing band forEra Tour Taylor Swift, starting May 9, 2024. And therefore also for the two dates scheduled at the San Siro stadium in Milan.
The American band is currently touring in support of their recent sixth album. That’s why released in February.

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