Parents sack 9-year-old girl for cause of death after admission to hospital

A Puerto Blanca judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the parents of a 9-year-old girl who was hospitalized for decompensation last November and subsequently died, for alleged abandonment, death and sexual abuse, judicial sources reported today.

The cause was investigated on November 26, 2022, when the minor was taken to a hospital in the southern city of Buenos Aires with loss of consciousness, vomiting and decompensation, where he eventually died.

Sources in the case stated that “an autopsy determined that the minor died of severe dehydration, nonviolent gastroenteritis and hypovolemic shock” and that “it was clear that she was a victim of abuse.”

Based on this record, the Port of Blanca’s Fourth Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered a series of supplementary chemical tests, among other things related to the investigation of the case.

“After several investigative tasks, the First Safeguard Court ordered the dismissal of the minor’s parents on charges of abandoning others and causing death and sexual abuse,” the prosecutor’s office said today.

“With regard to the abandonment of the person, it was determined that when the girl showed signs of a nervous breakdown, she was treated and rehydrated according to expert knowledge; when she passed out, she was immediately taken to a medical center,” they said. indicated.

Regarding the so-called sexual abuse incident, according to reports, after various reports and expert appraisals, “no physical signs consistent with the crime of sexual integrity violations were found, and the DNA samples did not contain male genetic material.”

Finally, it was reported that another financial department of the Port of Blanca will continue the investigation of another dossier related to the alleged manslaughter, “which will analyze the behavior of professionals caring for minors”. (Teram)

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