Parents seek help to vaccinate daughter with chronic hepatitis

From reference to reference up to INSN

At that hospital, they were unable to perform the necessary tests because they did not have specialists or the corresponding equipment.For this, they refer to Trujillo Regional Hospital. At the facility, they told her the minor had to see a pediatric infectious disease specialist. That’s how they referred her to an infectious disease specialist, did some testing, and she tested negative. hepatitis.

Doctors told him it was a sign of something wrong with his liver. From there, they recommended a private physician who eventually made a referral to the National Institute of Children’s Health in Brenia in Lima. On December 8 of the previous year, he entered that place, but that was because his parents went to the capital with financial resources and entered by themselves due to an emergency.

The hospitalization process lasted a month and he had to undergo different tests, some of which were not covered by INSN and they cost money to do.However, he was told autoimmune hepatitis affected his liver and he contracted liver cirrhosis. The family was told that the only thing they could do was manage the condition, as little Isabella was very weak and any infection would affect her.

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