Paris Hilton is very proud of her “little sister,” Sofia Richie



Taking into account that his close friendship with Nicole Richie has not been subject to wear of any kind after more than ten years from the end of the program of reality show “The Simple Life” regarded as a space pioneer who laid the foundation of the format, it is understandable, and frankly endearing, that socialite Paris Hilton has decided to take part of his last interview to devote an endless amount of compliments to the little sister of his “bff”, the model Sofia Richie, to which it has defined as a woman, “wonderful, beautiful and very mature” for his age.

“It’s an amazing girl, I love her with all my heart. It’s like my little sister.I know her since she was born and I’ve been lucky enough to see it grow and become this wonderful woman and beautiful. It is so mature… note that the head is well seated on the shoulders”, has directed the businesswoman and heiress of the Hilton empire in conversation with the magazine Us Weekly.

It is possible that that final reference to the wisdom of the young Sofia, who currently maintains a romantic relationship with Scott Disick, former spouse of the also tv star Kourtney Kardashian, suppose a fun nod to the character rebellious, naughty, and hedonistic that Paris and Nicole did a gala with ages very superior to that of the mannequin, as it was well-proven in the aforementioned program of the MTV, and on the frequent nights out that both shared with figures such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears in the past decade.

In any case, Paris has also praised the youngest of the sons of the legendary Lionel Richie on account of her “amazing fashion sense”, which in practice means that neither Nicole nor her have had to give too much advice throughout her life in which aesthetic issues are concerned.

“For nothing, never has needed that the guiáramos in that sense. Literally, have a sense of the incredible fashion, is a true fashionista… And a girl very, very funny,” he added Paris in his chat with the publication.