Paris Hilton posts the first photos of her son. And he reveals the name (indeed, the names)

Paris Hilton: the first photos of the son on Instagram. Also revealed the name, with its meaning

Finally, Paris Hilton showed the world her baby.

The heiress of the largest hotel empire in the world shared the first photos of her son with Carter Reum on Instagram. The images of her, taken by photographer Dennis Gocer, show her holding the newborn, alone or with her husband. “Our whole world,” she wrote as a comment.

The two names and their meaning

Paris Hilton has not only shared the first photos of her son. In an episode of his podcast, This Is Paris, also made known its name, or rather, the names: Phoenix Barron. She explained that the first of the two refers to the city of Arizona, adding that she intends to continue on the same name-day line also with the children to come: the first girl, he has already announced, will be called London. “I’ve spent years planning my children’s names,” she said. The name “Phoenix”, she added, was also chosen for the idea of ​​”hope, rebirth and transformation” that she carries with her.

“Barron”, on the other hand, is a tribute to Paris’s grandfather, William Barron Hilton, who passed away in 2019. “He was always my mentor, I admired him so much,” Paris said during the podcast. “We were very close and I miss him every day, so I wanted to honor him by naming my first child after him.”

A month ago, the announcement of the birth (still on Instagram)

About a month ago, Paris Hilton announced the birth of her baby – via surrogacy – with an Instagram post in which her hand was seen shaking that of the newborn, with the touching caption “There are no words to say how much you are already loved ». The comments section had been flooded with greetings from other rich & famous, from Kim Kardashian to Naomi Campbell, from Elle Fanning to Chrissy Teigen and Demi Lovato.

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The love story with Carter Reum

Paris Hilton and entrepreneur and investor Carter Reum have been married since November 2021. The sumptuous wedding ceremony was celebrated in Bel Air, and on that occasion Hilton wore 7 custom dresses, three of which were signed by Oscar de la Renta. “Carter and I have been friends for over fifteen years,” Paris said. “We stayed in each other’s lives over time and reconnected over a Thanksgiving holiday in 2019. Sparks struck that night, and the rest is history.” With the birth of Phoenix, a new chapter has begun for this story.

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