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Paris Hilton tells what she ate with Kim Kardashian when she returned from party

paris hilton and kim kardashian

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The bond that binds Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton goes back years, when the businesswoman worked as a personal assistant for the heir to the hotel empire that bears her name. Although Kardashian says that he owes “his entire career” to Paris, the truth is that their relationship was not limited only to the professional field. Kim and Paris were best friends back in 2000 and they had amazing parties. What we would have enjoyed if Instagram stories existed at that time!

Paris Hilton recalled these epic nights during her recent interview on ‘The Tonight Show’. On the show, Jimmy Fallon told her that he had seen his cooking show, ‘Cooking With Paris’. The presenter then referred to the episode in which he appears with his former best friend in the early 2000s, Kim Kardashian. The presenter asked her since when she had known Kardashian, to which she replied that since they were children. Obviously, she also wanted to know if they had ever cooked together.

paris hilton talks kim kardashian on jimmy fallon show

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Kim Kardashian and Paris will be as rich and famous as they want, but in the post-party night recipes, they coincide with the common mortals. Going home at the wee hours of the morning wanting to eat something greasy is a classic when we go out to party (do you remember when you could party? 😭). The heiress to the hotel empire said that they used to prepare melted cheese sandwiches when they came home after a night out. Brioche bread, cheddar cheese, and lots of butter, that’s how they made them, she recounted.

By the way, we have an incredible recipe for this sandwich that you are already taking time to try … there it is.

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