Paris robber emphasizes: Kim Kardashian was an easy victim


Four years ago, Kim Kardashian (39) had a nightmare come true! The reality TV beauty was the victim of a brutal robbery during Paris Fashion Week 2016: According to the French police, five masked men broke into her luxury apartment in the French capital, held a gun to her head, and stolen jewelry worth several million dollars. As one of the perpetrators explained, Kim made the act very easy for them.

This is now shown by excerpts from his court testimony, which are available to Les Echos magazine. Accordingly, Kim was an easy target, because at that time she posted almost every detail on the Internet: where she was staying and when – and even the exact location of the valuable jewelry. “She even posted when she landed in France and sometimes also how she entered and left the hotel,” emphasized Ait Khedache, the alleged leader of the group of robbers.

The attack had deeply traumatized Kim at the time, as she reported a few years ago on The Alec Baldwin Show. Nevertheless, she could also see something positive from the incident: “I am grateful for this experience, although it was terrible. It really changed me a lot. I lived in a bubble. The incident made me wake up.”