Paris Saint-Germain, Luis Enrique’s powder keg

Parc des Princes, Saturday night at 9:00pm, the first day of the Ligue 1 top-flight clash between Paris Saint-Germain and Lorient. The Qatar-owned club is a powder keg and the crowd is outraged. Lessons are on, Kylian Mbappe’s soap opera is still unresolved, Neymar and Marco Verratti already know they have to find a team as Luis Enrique, never a peacemaker, tells them , he doesn’t want them in his new squad.

The final ordeal of President Nasser Khelaifi has begun. Mbappe has not yet accepted the latest 200 million termination fee renewal offer, so he will not be included in the squad for this game. Paris Saint-Germain hope and hope that a superteam with a lot of weight in the squad can go up against their all-time top scorer. The aim is for Mbappe, who has been working out silently since June 15, when he said he decided not to renew his contract with the Parisians, to react to this extreme situation, say something and agree to a transfer this summer so as not to run away. The risk of staying in the stands all season.

There is precedent for this type of use of the public to put pressure on Paris Saint-Germain players. In 2019, activists demanded the departure of Neymar, who had tried to return to Barca, as is the case now. In 2021, before the game against Strasbourg, Mbappe also suffered the wrath of extreme fans. In the stands of Villachi Auteuil, the Bondy star had to endure whistles and insults even then for his desire to immigrate to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid, wait

Despite Paris Saint-Germain’s moves, the current France star has not changed his mind about fulfilling the remaining year of his contract without renewing it. Al-Khelaifi believes he has agreed a deal with Florentino Perez to join the Bernabeu for free in the summer of 2024, with no transfer fee from Real Madrid, and it would be just a lucrative move for the striker bonus.

For now, the Frenchman has made no gestures to Real Madrid, who are calmly waiting for him to resolve his delicate situation at Paris Saint-Germain before making a move. With three weeks left until the market closes, everything could settle before August 31, when Mbappe must collect a second tranche of loyalty tokens, around 40 million.

The “Mbappe case” also includes the cases of Neymar and Verratti. L’Equipe revealed that the Brazilian had formally expressed his desire to leave the team this summer to the Paris Saint-Germain management, although the Parisian team quickly clarified that they were without him and that since the beginning That’s it. the beginning of the year.

The main French media confirmed that the Brazilian star has missed the last two training sessions of the Paris team. The official official report stated that both the Brazilian and the Italian suffered from mild gastroenteritis. They also did not take part in the media day, an event dedicated to official photoshoots for the league, and Mbappe was also absent. Ultimately, Luis Enrique and sporting director Luis Campos told them they didn’t have any of that. Like Renato Sanchez, Hugo Ekitique and Juan Bernat, they were not included in the official group photo and were not part of the Asturias coach’s plans.

Finding a home for Neymar is complicated because he is 31 years old, earns no less than 26 million net per season, has prone ankle injuries and has an unprofessional lifestyle. Neymar signed a contract in 2017, he received an original contract of around 50 million euros over five seasons, a hefty sum that only Paris Saint-Germain can afford. In 2021, the Brazilian implements the automatic renewal clause and accepts a salary cut of up to 36 million euros per year.

Neymar made his request to Barcelona

There has been speculation that he will eventually return to Barca, but the battered cultural economy cannot afford the signing and Xavi Hernandez doesn’t want the bomb in his dressing room. Other options are the Chelsea, United and Saudi Al Hilal routes, which could also solve Verratti’s problems. Paris Saint-Germain will accept a unilateral termination so that the player is free as long as he keeps the remaining three years of his contract.

However, such termination should be agreed with the club and must not be done unilaterally by the club. FIFA Article 17 protects players, who must be compensated for up to five years based on “remuneration and other benefits due in accordance with the remaining contract period”. There has been a lot of talk about this provision when rumors emerged that Sergio Ramos could be sacked by Paris Saint-Germain.

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