Parodied by Cyril Hanouna, this boss of TF1 answers him and will undoubtedly exasperate him!


This January 12, after the publication of an interview with Ara Aprikian, deputy managing director responsible for the contents of the TF1 group, Cyril Hanouna risks going with his little comment …

On January 4,  Cyril Hanouna broadcast in TPMP a parody of Jean-Paul Belmondo’s cult film, “The Professional”, starring Arthur. Renamed for the occasion “The Amateur”, his great rival was shot by a sniper at the end of the sequence, because of his catastrophic audiences in “District Z”. For the occasion, Baba had made up himself in Ara Aprikian, the program director of the TF1 group he knows well.

Ara Aprikian: “that would seem inelegant to me”

Indeed, it was he who had recruited him from Canal, 10 years ago, before resigning in 2015 when the group had been bought by Vincent Bolloré … and being hired by TF1. Ara Aprikian revealed to Point what his plans are for his channel in the areas of fiction, entertainment, and sports. And he did not escape questions about Baba. Regarding the Canal group (to which C8 belongs), he assured: “My rule of conduct is not to comment on the editorial lines of other channels. Having worked for ten years at Canal +, that would seem inelegant to me”.

A way of subtly tackling Cyril Hanouna who multiplies his attacks. Regarding the burning issue of “District Z”, accused of copying Fort Boyard, Ara Aprikian responds moreover: “It’s not serious. TF1 has no dispute on this subject with Banijay (Editor’s note: producer of Fort Boyard who supplies Koh-Lanta to TF1, and of which Baba is a shareholder) “. And to add: “District Z belongs to the very traditional genre of the adventure game with celebrities. (…) It takes place with zombies, a universe of video games and characters very different from what we are seeing. knew until now “.

But why is he so mean?

As proof, the show produced by Arthur has just been renewed for a second season, no offense to the troublemaker of the paf. As a reminder, last March, Cyril Hanouna revealed to his fanzouzes the reasons for his anger against TF1. Baba had assured at the time: ” the confusion with TF1 it leaves the former bosses of C8 (Ara Aprikian, note) who left there and who tried to take me all the people with whom I work”. Not sure he changed his mind.