Part 2: One of the actors praises Austin Butler’s acting.

The feature film directed by Denis Villeneuve, unfortunately, will be released late due to the constant protests of Hollywood actors and screenwriters.

Dunes certainly one of the most famous literary sagas in the world: it is a thick sci-fi franchise created by Frank Herbert since 1965, which over time also tried to appear in the world of cinema and series, in reality with great difficulty. Originally, in fact, in 1984 the film was launched David Lynch, a real adaptation of the first book of the saga. Unfortunately, this realization failed to captivate the public and critics, and even Lynch himself, who was completely unsatisfied with the end result. However, fortunately Denis Villeneuve (Arrival Blade Runner 2049) got the saga back on track.

Dunes: Part 2 in theaters may be delayed due to the ongoing cast strike

dunes - part 2 trailer

WITH Dunes: Part 1the aforementioned director managed to win the hearts of viewers and critics by demonstrating Warner Bros. that this was a real bet on the company, which was very eager to support the second chapter, which would actually complete the transposition of the first book of the literary saga. In the implementation, we will find the participation of new characters completely absent in the previous one, such as, for example, the charming Feyd-Rauta Harkonnen, a very important figure with a face Austin Butler (Elvis, “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood”).

Well, in a recent interview, the actor Stephen McKinley Henderson (which embodies Sufir Hawat) for the This is Purdue podcast, the star took the opportunity to primarily praise Butler’s own interpretation of the Dunes: Part 2 and also emphasizing other very important aspects of his personality.

“(Austin) played a character that I didn’t like at all and it was pretty intimidating and I looked back at him, but when they said, ‘Cut’, he would come up to me and say, ‘Mr. . Henderson, are you okay? I can help you? Can I offer you something?” And it was so sweet. And then we’d get back to filming and he’d be like, “Uh-huh.” It was in my case. So I really appreciated Austin, a wonderful, wonderful person.”

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